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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DankNikes, May 15, 2011.

  1. How did you guys make money for weed before you had a job? "Back in the day" i saved up lunch money(didnt eat lunch) and saved change that my parents got from buying stuff at the store. Ahhh the good old days when we were all broke :hello:
  2. Got it from my parents, then realized it was pretty fucked up to take their money to buy weed with it, so I got a job.
  3. I'm still at those days ): lol. I use money that parents give me for going places. & then I scan the house for quarters for black & milds :p
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    & yes. I agree that it is totally fucked up & have all intentions of finding a job soon :p
  5. charge ur rents for mowing the lawn. thats what i did LoL
  6. I used to get a lot of money but my parents were straight edges and gave me a debit card (they saw EVERYTHING that i bought) and put my allowence in there so no matter how many chores i did my money would pile up and i couldnt use it on weed. I always had enough to buy munchies afterwards tho :)

  7. lol i do the same thing right now!

    I convinced my mom that I need $10 for lunch at school :D
  8. I didn't start smoking with my own stash until I had a job. Before that it was a weekend leisure that my friends brother supplied.
  9. My buddy and I hustled candy at school. Big ol duffle bag full of candy. Made BANK.
  10. money? I just go down to the free marijuana clinic.
  11. I prostituted myself to the finest looking ladies around the country.

    The ladies would call me Mr. Sex the Sex Machine of love.
  12. i never spent my parents money on weed. however, i have spent birthday money from relatives and such on it. i felt bad, but birthday money is a different situation since it ends up being YOUR money. feels good as shit though to have a job and a steady supply of dough for the dro :D
  13. chores around the house. my mom used to give me $20 everyday.

  14. Haha, I think I remember doing this as well.

    If not eating lunch for a week meant smoking on the weekends, I was all for it.
  15. One time i spent money that i got from my granparents when i was confirmed on weed. the guy i bought from was catholic too and laughed his ass off when i told him.

    i felt bad while i was packing my bowl but then i lit it up and felt awesome.

    Confirmation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  16. Ever hear of an ATM machine?
  17. I always just told my mom I needed money for movies or to go out to eat with my friends, shed always slip me $20 or $30 depending on how much was in the bank. Now that she dosent have a job and I can tell my 'rents are struggling with bills I don't ask them for much, I work too which helps me now. Very seldomly I'll ask them for 10 or theyll just give me money to be nice, naturally I buy pot with it. But again, anymore I just use the money I'm making to support my habits.

  18. ik forreal. I used to be in that situation but i would just my parents some bs story how im going out with some chick to take her to a movie and dinner and then would get about 50$ amounts out toward friday night or the weekend to make it look more believable. also in the time i said i was doing those things i would just go crash over at a friends house or drive down the road to a spot i go to park my car sometimes and chill and just watch a movie on my portable dvd player and smoke a dubie. ahh the good ole days :smoke:
  19. i kept my pimphand strong nah mean?

    really though, mostly just saving whatever money i had coming in, did a lot of going in on bags with people. smoked nearly every day through HS even though i never had a job til after i graduated, it worked out well id say.

  20. parents would question why i needed cash when i have a debit card!

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