Monkeys Attack

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    If someone decided to leash me and film me while wearing diapers, I'd maul a bitch, too
  2. wtf do people expect when they have wild animals as pets? I don't care if it eats at the table and does party tricks, it's still a wild animal that should be in the wild. :mad:
  3. Especially a wild animal with an IQ higher than half of the posters on GC! Chimps aren't just wild animals, they are very intelligent. If I were a chimp in captivity I'd play it all nice and cool too until my moment to strike came.
  4. Chimps are mean fuckers
  5. Well when you treat a wild animal like a house pet, dressing it up all nice and pretty and making it ride in cars, you better believe it's going to revolt on your ass one day.
  6. This thread turned to beastiality much more quickly than I had predicted.
  7. Damn, dirty apes!
  8. Maybe she was wearing a fragrance guaranteed to make all the the men go ape?

    Are we sure this wasn't an attempted ape rape? A little forcible evolution?

    Never keep a pet that can kill you with one hand.
  9. The Soviets experimented with cross breeding humans and apes back in the '50's in hopes of breeding a super soldier.
  10. Apparently the chimp was doped up on Xanax too, according to

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