Monkey Whizz, for or against?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by ninestripe, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Same old story, guys. Pre-Employment drug screening snuck up on me (it's on Monday) and I'm over here worrying about the test. Last time I did this, I tried an aspirin method that has worked previously for both me as well as my girlfriend, but this is a job that I REALLY want to land and I'm looking for more of a sure bet. I've been looking all over the internet (this site included) for opinions, reviews, and experiences with "Monkey Whizz." From what I understand, it's basically a drip bag that can be concealed and heated by a stick-on heater much like the ones people use as glove/boot warmers. I've heard that some swear by it, some claim that pre-employment screenings may pick up on it, and some say that synthetics simply don't work anymore due to additional steps taken by labs.

    I have no concern about my ability to conceal the bag, dispense the synthetic urine, or fool the staff. My only concern is whether or not this synthetic stuff will actually fool the test. Any experiences out there? I'd love to hear some evidence, for or against. :smoking:
  2. Just drink hella water and workout all weekend..mix in some cranberry or grape juice also..
  3. dude just keep smoking,
    theres a poin on drug tests where if you smoke enough weed itll confuse it and youll pass.

    just keep smokin rediculous amounts, youll be good.
  4. if you have low body fat and don't smoke often you should be able to pass. do cardio exercise wearing heavy layers and drink lots of water to sweat as much as you can
  5. How much do you smoke on a daily basis? How long have you been smoking this heavily? All of those people saying you'll pass it in a weekend are wrong. Moderate user not everyday, week maybe two. Heavy user, smoking gram+ a day, 3 or 4 weeks. Light user only smoked a few times in the past month? 5 or 7 days.
  6. I smoke anywhere between two and eight bowls per day, I'm 165 5'9", but I'm not really concerned with a specific method to use. I was actually in this predicament about a year ago and I found a method that worked quite well. If you're down for a long and boring read, here it is:

    The problem this time is that this is the preferred job that I applied for, and the hiring snuck up on me (turns out I knew the boss, interview was on the spot when I went in for an interview and I got hired right there. Weird how that's a bad thing, lol). I'm looking for something that gives me better odds. I want to go synthetic this time, but I want to hear if anyone has had any success/failure/test confusion/test inconclusiveness using Monkey Whizz, or any other synthetic that you would dispense from some concealed source during the test.
  7. I used monkey whiz and was totally straight I recommend it 100%.

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