Monkey on my back

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  1. Waking up in the AM, here I am again
    in the back with a sack trying to get this monkey off my back
    The smoke fills me up for the moment
    Wish I had never shown it
    Our weaknesses make us human
    Overcoming diversity I'm bound to make a few mistakes I'm only human

    I can't sit here and reminisce, since I've brought myself here chose my destiny now it's time to face it with tranquility and clarity
    And it must be all the blood rushing to my head or my body being smothered
    All I feel is the sensation
    my imagination
    Bursts and all is once again calm
    I have the world on my palm
    But it's coming to an end
    good thing I rolled a couple
    might be here a while so make a drink
    Pour it in and sink into what you think
    is the right when your going left
    life must have got you bent cause now your lost in your head once again no clarity or tranquility
    almost just seems like an attack
    Like this monkey went ape shit on my back

    Till the next morning I walk around with the weight, light up levitate to the zone of clarity and tranquility

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