Monkey Dust (Animations aka CARTOOOONS)

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  1. Anyone else love to watch animations/cartoons while baked? What a stupid question, OF COURSE YOU DO ! Not just the usual south park/family guy/simpsons, but anyone watch any others?

    I'm a big fan of Monkey Dust, a pretty dark (sometimes sick) UK satire/comedy:

    [ame=""]Monkey Dust - The Crusades - YouTube[/ame]

    they sometimes to random little bits like that above, but you should def check out the full episodes.

    Also love Archer, think it was maybe on adult swim or something? Its about a sarcastic-as-fuck secret agent and his co-workers, and is pretty awesome:

    [ame=""]Improve Your Work Environment - brought to you by Archer - YouTube[/ame]

    The guys that made archer also made Risky Dingo i think, at least its pretty similar, but also good. Then theres The PJs with eddie murphy voicing a grumpy janitor in the projects which also has some classic moments.

    TL;DR: Monkey Dust, Archer, Risky Dingo, The PJs

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