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Monkey Dong works!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by rhapsodyrcks, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Hey people got hired at high paying new job. Been toking everyday and was worried since its for a fair amount of money and drug test was mandatory. A job like this does not come along every day or often so decided on the Monkey Dong ... lol because I was not sure if they actually looked. I am used to military urinalysis and they watch. Anyhow bought it did a trial run to make sure I could do it easily.

    Labtest was at LabCorp. If anyone has not been there recently they don't enter the room with you just ask you to empty your pockets. Gave them there sample with ease and it looked pretty realistic if someone watched. In actuality if its with Labcorp I could of brought in a cup synthetic urine without a issue if I had kept it in my pants or even a bladder with prosthetic lol. I looked at the form that they make you sign and the check box for temp was 90-100 degrees. One thing on the heat packets they give they dont work well so I put in water that was around 110 factored in I would have to wait and was about 94 in the cup.

    On a funny note i forgot to close the valve that lets the fluid out so I got fake piss everywhere. There were no towels so I took my sweatshirt off and wiped it up LOL. Then it leaked in my pants forcing me to walk funny with my cell phone on my crotch since it looked like I pissed on myself.

    The other odd thing is the dildo part is oviously not flacid so it looks like you have a hard on the whole time your wearing it...wear some loose pants.

    Anyhow passed it just fine and got the job.

    Serious Monkey Business | Pass any drug test with The Monkey Dong!
  2. thinking about buying one of these. Does it come with fake urine?

  3. yes it does

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