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    i cloned this plant just for kicks(first attempt), then put it the bush, at first it was goin good, new (normal) leaves and stuff, then it started getting deformed, see the pics, the mother is great, but this is just weird

    we've had alot and alot of rainfall the last week, but i dont know...

    anybody know why this is happening

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  2. How strange....if I had to guess I would just say wonky genetics but it's not happening in the mother at all? What is the strain? Is the mother from seed? Plant looks to be pretty healthy overall.
  3. yea the mother is fine, flowering beautifuly... i just reckon i stuffed up my attempt to clone, oh well, no harm in letting her live, see wait happens...
  4. keep us updated on how she turns out ,interested in seeing what happens
  5. oh yea, it was just bagseed, ill put pics of the mum up when i get new pics
  6. ya i'd say give it some time and the ole gal should start seeing leaves your used to

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