moneypak refund check with fake name help!

Discussion in 'General' started by roco5, May 17, 2010.

  1. I recently bought a moneypak to reload on a temporary prepaid card(I used fake name) and I didn't know this card wasn't reloadable:mad: moneypak automatically refunded my money with the fake name I used on the temporary card. Now I have a refund check with fake name on it. shit how do i cash this check? can someone drop me info on this?
  2. pwned.
  3. Yeah..

    You pretty much committed self-pwnatry.

  4. Ain't no way to cash the check now. Cut your losses.

    You live and you learn.
  5. Cant you just put a fake signature on the back, write your name in the memo, and deposit it into an atm?

  6. No. If it were so simple what would stop people from doing this on a daily basis? Like stealing someone else's paycheck and depositing it into your account with your name in the memo.

    Banks are smarter than that.
  7. ....not mine then. I have deposited other people checks before with no trouble. Just make sure you go through the ATM.

    Edit: I dont steal peoples paychecks. When my cousin first moved here he didnt have ID to open a bank account, so i deposited his paychecks for him.

  8. Maybe it's a Canadian thing, then.

    I know here, in the states, and at least at my bank, in order to have somebody sign a check over to you that person must go inside the bank with you, show ID, and then sign the back of the check in front of the teller.
  9. the only way i would see you being able to cash or deposit it would be if you made a fake id with that name and used it. but then again, fake id's are like 100 dollars so thats a waste. lol
  10. At my bank they'll only take personal checks that are endorsed over, paychecks or any other official check they won't do. The person doesn't have to be there though.
  11. thanks guys for the replies! I guess it's a $104.95 lesson I got out of this.
    I know I should have just used paypal to load the money, it was already too late:(

  12. At my shit bank they don't even let you do that! I tried to sign over a check at a few branches and all I got was no's.
  13. Find a person in the world with the name of the one you made up. lol

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