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  1. How much dose it cost to grow your weed outdoors
  2. why are you angry?.......growing outdoors is the cheapest way of all, just the price of your seeds, well maybe some fert's some bug killer etc, but way cheaper than indoors...................Peace out..........Sid
  3. i have two plants outside, all they have costed me is some time. which i was glad to give. everything else was a gift or scrounged. they are looking pretty good i might add.

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  4. I have never spent a single cent on growing outdoors warter is free soil is free all seeds are given to me and frets my mum buys so its all sweet.
  5. my seeds are free, my water is free (pond) soil is free too.

    but my seeds ive used plant soil and ferts look much better
  6. My water is free from a nearby stream, my soil was $9 for poting soil then i mixed it with compost. my seeds were free from a bag. But then i paid about $50 for my indoor veg setup. Next years grow is a whole nother story. The plant count will be 16-25 plants in 3 plots and im going to use vermaculite, pearlite, and lime wich will cost me. Also i will be buying 3-4 motion sensor cameras at $90 a piece. on top of that im going to be lazy and hook up a irrigation setup with a hose that goes into a lake nearby then have a 6v pump or a manual pump that pumps into a 5 gal bucket for ferting then has a hose that splits to each plant. Also im spending $80 for seeds (NL, bubble gum, ice, top 44, white widow). All together its going to cost me around $600 but all that will be paid for by this years grow and when next years grow cashes in i will be a happy guy! :D
  7. I buy special $25 a gallon water. My soil is imported from columbia, which set me back $100 for the bag. My seeds are outdoor PURE sativa, and was $150 for 12. My ferts were enginered from scientist all over the world, and were given to me for FREE! So, outdoor really isnt that expensive! I also bought a camera overlooking my plot and hired men to guard my plants with ak's.

    by the way, dont tell anybody this, but I was just kidding.

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