money-related woes.

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  1. out of curiosity, how much do you guys spend on weed (say, per month)? i use to only buy $20 worth at a time and it would last a few weeks; i used to be awesome at making it last. now that i've found a reliable dealer, i'm getting $60 worth at a time, and i ended up going through all of that just this month alone. i'm really beating myself up right now, especially on top of all the other expenses of daily life, such as rent, bills, and food, and the costs of being a university student, and not having a job...
    help me put things in perspective, maybe?
  2. Before I moved I bought at least a quarter a week. So anywhere from $360 to $500ish give or take.
  3. I only buy slices at sixty each. They usually last me two to three weeks, but if needed can last a month. Try smoking dank slower, take like two or three hits from a bowl however many times needed a day. You won't be as high, but you'll be higher much longer and smoke less.

    Edit: By doing this I can be high all day and only go through one bowl. It also helps if you pack small bowls.
  4. Stack that shit and save it.
  5. Use a one hitter and only take two hits. A nice buzz and you can still function and your weed lasts longer.
  6. To quick so how, gotta start watching that shit a lot better.

    Trying to make a quad last me about 2 weeks now.
  7. $300 or so every week? It can be as low as $50 each week sometimes though, Depends on how much work i have to do that week.
  8. $100/week. $200/week on other shit.
  9. not always
  10. Last month? Nothing, month before...Eh, $50 maybe...But I had a sweet hook up.:cool:
  11. $160 every 3 weeks

    I feel like I'm smoking all the time
  12. Usually spend $60 - $120 a week on bud.
  13. 150$ every month and a half, give or take for a half oz. of the Chron and that's me smoking err day three or four times. Smoking out fools all the time too. :smoke:
  14. Typically around 250,00 to 350,00$ a month.

  15. :laughing:
  16. [quote name='"DrazyHaze"']Typically around 250,00 to 350,00$ a month.[/quote]

    At first I was like holy shit! But after reading it again, I'm in the same boat, or rather I was...haven't smoked in about a month now, gotta get a job and I'd rather not risk it.
  17. shit. i feel a billion times better now! :D
  18. $100/month

    I've made friends with a grower up her in Norcal, and he only charges me $100 for an ounce, in trade for some fungi that I grow myself.

    An ounce lasts me an entire month. I vape almost exclusively, and I don't smoke all day.

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