Money or Happiness. Which is more important to you? (poll)

Discussion in 'General' started by GanjFarmer', Jan 7, 2013.

  1. I've began thinking of this due to my recent looking into colleges. It's being a teacher, which would be happiness for me. Or something else that I don't enjoy as much, but will make more money doing it. So what do you guys think? Money or Happiness?
  2. Money = happiness
  3. Teacher is easy as fuck...and you'll still get by in life. You get a sweet ass pension too. If I didn't feel ambitious I would've been a teacher, but I'm hoping for a bit larger paycheck. But if I ever feel like taking it easy, teaching is what I'd do.
  4. Happiness for sure. I took an accelerated course in college all for money and ended up hating it the job afterwords, now I have a some student debt and work at a super chill sporting goods store and love it. This job isn't permanent but I defiantly learned to not chase the dollar bills.
  5. There's more to happiness than money, but money certainly contributes to happiness.
    So I can't really pick.

    However, if it's a career choice then go with what you love for sure. Money wouldn't do you good if you got a miserable job that you hate going to everyday.
  6. Happiness; see my response in your other thread.

    That being said, the two do not have to be mutually exclusive.
  7. Happiness is most important but having money can create freedom which can create I'm going with happiness but I wouldn't necessarily choose one over the other
  8. Happiness is nothing without money. Sad but so true
  9. money can contribute to happiness, but happiness cant be acheived with money alone. get as much money as you need, but if it detracts from your happiness, the extra money is not serving its intended make you happy

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