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money making schemes

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pack3rstoner, May 28, 2009.

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  1. so i get an allowance of $30 a week to live off (from my parents). this is not enough money for me to smoke, and i basically spend all my money the second i get it on weed. what is a good way for me to make a bunch of money hella fast (outside of growing or dealing, not an option)? the only thing i can think of is to like start selling candy at school.thoughts?
  2. sadly it aint that easy. If it was, we'd all be rich.

    My best advice to you is to go find yourself a job. It will teach you some responsibility and the value of a dollar.
  3. you should go get a job. that's the best way to make money.
  4. Uhh i stopped getting allowance at like 14...

    get a job dude
  5. Yeah dude definitely get a job, but you could just slap $5 on it and eat shit from your house so you don't have to spend money on food. Other than that there's really nothing you can do...
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    I steal clothes and sell them 50% off-- but I also have a job... so...

    Please don't discuss theft here. -JD

  7. who buys candy at school when they are 18?
  8. Better yet, who SELLS candy at school when they are 18?
  9. Hold a lottery. $1 per ticket. Half of your income goes to the jackpot winner when you draw names and the other half goes to you.
    Keep tickets cheap and you'll sell a lot.
    But be careful. It's very illegal. If you can't be smart about it, you shouldn't do it.
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    when I was in high school I stole books from the library and school fundraisers and sold them at powels and other book stores

    Please don't discuss theft here. -JD
  11. Like everyone else is saying... GET A JOB, your 18... or older... you really need to start thinking of that
  12. #12 MrPerfect, May 28, 2009
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    Obviously he's not 18 but give the friggin' kid a break. Do you guys honestly waste your time assuming that ahh this is a young kid? Just don't even respond to it.

    Kid just get a job. Either that or start finding a bunch of people that want bud and have them get it when you get bud. That way you can buy a whole bunch at once and ask your dealer for a deal on it. That way you won't need to pay as much for bud, you can even skimp some bud from them too to make yourself get an even better deal. That's how I used to stretch money.

    Please don't discuss dealing here. -JD
  13. save your money and just buy weed in bigger quantities
  14. You could start an emu farm.
  15. I buy candy bars at work and Im 23. But I also work with a bunch of moms whos kids sell them. I love girl scout cookie time:smoking:
  16. start selling. it's not that hard...
  17. I'd tell you to flip, but you should respect your parents by not dealing out of the house. So get a job, son.
  18. Discussion of dealing is not allowed.

    Discussion of theft is not allowed.

    Basically, this thread is full of shit that isn't allowed.

    Read the rules, people!

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