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money gram scam

Discussion in 'General' started by brownie9091, May 11, 2012.

  1. So i'm selling a phone on craigslist and I guy is out of state and wants to pay me using money gram and then send the phone to west once I get the money does this sound fishy I'd there a way for the guy to get the money back out of me when all said and done i'm not giving out my account info or anything just don't want to get screwed. The guy in California and I live on the east cost
  2. no money grams!
    my parents tried to buy me a car a long time ago and they found something on cg, it was a scam and we lost like 4k
    if you look at the craigslist rules, it says dont do money grams

    i dunno how they work but they are not to be trusted i tell ya
  3. Ya but if i'm receiving the money I'll have the money in hand before I ever send the phone wouldn't your think thats safe enough i'm not arguing because i'm not gonna do it the red flash for me is who the hellwould pay 200 more for a phone then i'm asking ya know
  4. Yeah where you're receiving it it should be fine, bro.
  5. For some reasonit didn't post but he wants me to send the phone to west Africa when said and done
  6. And I did a search for his area code and he's in Huntington beach and there like ten if my phone s in that area for cheaper then mine why in his right mind would he be chasing mine
  7. Haha, west Africa, what the fuck?
  8. Right? Just sounds fishy I mean I wouldn't mind havin500 bucks layin around lol but I refuse to get ripped
  9. Nah, some one else will buy it dude.
  10. It is a total scam.
    He sends Money Gram, couple days later it clears the bank.
    3 weeks later bank declares it was a forgery.
    You owe the bank the Money Gram amount. :smoke:
  11. Right on guys thx a million not that desperate for moneylol
  12. West Africa = Nigeria aka internet fraud/ scam originators.

    In other words, keep your Craiglslist sales local.
  13. he's gonna moneygram you payment? how can you get screwed? if he doesnt send it...dont send your phone....simple as that.
  14. Wow, you need to educate yourself. Do a simple Google search for Money Gram Scams. Even Money Gram warns consumers about it. :rolleyes: :smoke:
  15. Not sure how Money Gram works, never used it, but I assume it is just like Paypal. In that case a buyer can give the money so the cash is in your account and then say they never received the item they purchased and withdraw the money back. Even if you cashed out your account and spent the money PayPal (& I assume Money Gram) will charge for the loss. Not paying the sum back to Paypal damages your credit score.

    I wouldn't do it.
  16. Take the money and send a broken phone? Scan the scammer.. If the bank declares forgery you got the cash anyways. Fuck that shit you know he is trying to scam. I would fuck with him
  17. If one chooses that route, they should read up a bit. ;) :smoke:

    Welcome to 419Eater
  18. Don't do it straight scam
  19. #19 HipHopFiend, May 11, 2012
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    [quote name='"ICGreen"']

    Wow, you need to educate yourself. Do a simple Google search for Money Gram Scams. Even Money Gram warns consumers about it. :rolleyes: :smoke:[/quote]

    I don't fuck with money grams anyway...never have...so maybe I should educate myself on a payment system I'll never use.
  20. Then perhaps you should not give reassurances on somethings you are unfamiliar with? :smoke:

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