Money Doesnt Buy Happiness - It Buys Freedom. And Freedom Is Happiness

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  2. Money is nothing in and of itself, and is the cause of a damn high percentage of problems on this planet.  I don't consider money evil in and of itself, for in our modern society it is almost a requirement to obtain the resources needed for survival.  But though I am very far from religious, I will agree with the Bible that the love of money leads to nothing but evil and suffering.
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    Many wealthy people aren't happy. It can get rid of certain causes of unhappiness, like hunger, but beyond a certain point it doesn't contribute much to a person's overall "happiness" level, although happiness is subjective anyway and so can't be quantified or measured.
  4. i'd be happy with money, hell even if it didnt i'd rather cry in a mansion than a shack.. but for me to be happy it would be just having a farm, a truck and a family, not much, money would help me get that...
  5. money is just a representation of power on paper. it's literally nothing except ink printed on tree with fictional value
    but because it's stressed so much and you need money to survive, obviously having decent money will allow you to avoid a great deal of economic stress
    money doesn't buy happiness, it buys the aversion of stress
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  7. The more money you have, the more people will want it. Especially the US government. That's not freedom. Thats not happiness.
  8. Money is the root of all evil, so my bank will never be full of sin.
  9. Money is evil matter made up of elements. But it buys me amazing weed so I'll deal. :)

    60% of the time, it works every time.

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    Alright my mind is very active so here's my input. Money doesn't buy happiness? Of course, if the person buys materialistic things then the happiness would only be temporary for a short period until the person gets bored with it. Money buys items that release dopamine and serotonin, this could lead to one's internal happiness.
    Money could save a person's life from entering turmoil, this could lead to happiness due to being saved from such conditions. 
    Happiness is subjective, it depends if it's temporary vs long term. 
  11. Money doesn't buy happiness, but it sure damn helps.
  12. Money does not buy freedom. In fact currency forces you to become involved in a market economy.
  13. Money isn't obligation, money isn't dedication, money is not persistence.
    Money is an eye for an eye.

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