Money Bomb is live

Discussion in 'Politics' started by purple grapes, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. What's the target?
  2. Yay! More people that want my money.

  3. Ron Paul isn't financially supported by big name banks and corporations, he relies solely on his supporters, so yes, donating is extremely crucial in a presidential campaign.

    SMH, common sense people please.
  4. i spent my money on weed. i will gladly smoke ron paul out

  5. does not change the fact that they would like my money in their possession. I like money too, I'll keep mine for now

  6. I don't think Paul will hold that against you. It's the other candidates that would.

  7. Good thing there's a choice huh? Unlike income tax.

  8. $1,000,000,000,000,000

  9. Pft, too easy.

  10. wtf is after a trillion?

    Meh nvm. I'm sure bernanke will let me find out soon onces he misplaces it.
  11. He is good at doing that, isn't he?;)

  12. Quadrillion.
  13. Its over 500k so he's doin pretty good IMO.
  14. Why support someone that has absolutely no chance of winning?

  15. because thats some sound money.

  16. Why come into a topic to post something that means absolutely nothing to us?
  17. Yeah guys, why vote for a candidate you agree with, it's a popularity contest, get with the winning team brah!

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