Money And Fame Vs A Relationship

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  1. What one would you take if you could only have one?

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  2. I would take Money & Fame over my relationship any day. My girlfriend is HELLA uptight...
  3. A relationship. I would hate being famous and having no privacy, being busy all the time, having someone else raise my kids and constantly surrounded by people that want your fame. No thank you. AND I don't care about money. Its material, once I spend it its gone. Not to mention it wont fuck me, tell me it loves me or sleep with me at night. I can get all that in a relationship though.
    I mean if I was ultra rich and famous, I'd be a recluse. As for privacy, I'd just buy a house here in Montana or somewhere in Idaho where nobody famous ever goes.
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    The question is subjective so you have to see the pro's and con's between each decision that put your trust on. For the money, I've been broke and situations where I had to starve or beg to family members like a servant to give me money (I rather beg to authority, I abhor against it) and they usually use that situation against in arguments. If I had the money, I could use it to contribute towards charities that would help third world countries against scarcity of hunger, impoverished neighborhoods that need help with developments, export seeds for plantation fields (Starving African LOL so stereotypical right?), basically helping the good of humanity (humanitarian). I could use the money to invest in a business to export materials such as out of print music or if a person has a great idea then I'll share my bonds with him to see if it will bring me profit.
    The situation with money would only be negative if the person LETS the money take over their conscious mind, therefore meaning they aren't responsible and let it dictate their actions (killing someone over debt), ruining their investment on nonsensical things that don't provide to their dopamine level or practical use. As for Fame, I would only use Fame if it were used as a positive advantage such as being a low class musician that doesn't get any spotlight from western music channels, or use the FAME as a philosopher/comedian-- like George Carlin. I would use my voice to indulge people to question authority and conventionality, I would influence them to strongly play devil's advocate (challenging views of others to get a different perspective), I would influence people see the bigger picture of things that average citizens don't see with my intuition and self awareness but in comical form (satire).
    As for Relationships, it depends what kind of relationships: social, business, romantic, family. With romantic relationships, they could help provide the person that is deficient in self awareness with wise advice from their other behalf, provide emotional growth since the main component of romantic relationships is dealing with one's inner emotions/feelings, trust, security, priorities but then you need to see it from a third-person POV. It's like a job, both need to be 50/50 with the person or else the relationship wouldn't be successful, you would need to attend to their needs or wants or else you will be fired from the job of a boyfriend/girlfriend. If one is too dependent on the other then it would be like their babying more like being a fellow companion.
    I would take money but only for positive use, I don't want a increase in interpersonal relationships, I got enough of them. Money is also a need because without it, your life would be in turmoil in this shitty ass capitalist corporate world.
    As for relationships, I've been in Love once but I'm very introverted and content with myself, I don't invest my serotonin levels into another person's happiness or else they will ultimatum me, I enjoy my company over the majority of people including family. I'll take the relationship with Cannabis.
    Yeah but in the end you'd be alone. And I really don't care about money... the only reason I care about it is so I can buy shit. But I don't buy shit that often. I'm kind of cheap.
    I like having alone time. I get irritated with people if we spend too much time together. But I enjoy being with people I care about too. If I was poor as fuck but had all my friends/family and my bf Id be happy. But if I had an assload of money but no meaningful relationships Id be miserable.

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