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  1. I've been sitting behind this desk in my clip on tie for four hours now. I watch out of a giant window as people go take smoke breaks, all day (haven't smoked a cig for 1.5 years but still want to). My laptop at home is broken, so no more zune pass. My area is constantly dry, who knows how long I'll be without weed? I'll be alone with my eight week old son all night, and will not get more than four hours of sleep (everyday). Don't really get to go to the gym more than once or twice every couple weeks now. I've got no sex, no drugs, no rock and roll.
    So my question is:
    How do you make it through mondays?
    Me? I'll be surviving on the happiness I find in the handful of smiles and giggles my son gives me, in between periods of me wanting to throw him through a wall. Isn't parenthood wonderful?
    Is it coffee? A lunch break nap? Girlfriend packed you a delicious lunch? Girlfriend gave you head this morning? What gets you through?
  2. what gets me through is that i have a phenomenal life.

    I love my job. I am moving out of my parents house in about 2 weeks. I have more money than i know what to do with. I have bought so many creature comforts this summer that its hard finding time to use them all. I just saw one of my favorite bands in concert, and am going to warped tour in 4 days.

    Sure, there are shitty parts in my life, but whenever that happens, I tell myself how fortunate I am and think about all the things I just listed.

    You just need to focus on all the positives in your life.
    Your area being dry isnt a bad thing, its an excuse for a t-break.
    You have a child. yeah, they can be hard, but they are a beautiful work of nature and science and you get to nurture that and see it become a fully fledged human being and you get to raise it.

    Stay strong man, it'll get better.
  3. My girlfriend really helps me get through the days even though she lives away right now. I have a nice easy job where I get good pay. It is never dry here in MN. I love living in MN, a lot to do.

    Always look on the positive side of everything, even the bad stuff where it seems there are no positives to be found.
  4. ahahhaha! Only on a Marijuana forum!!:hello::hello::hello:
  5. Congrats on moving out, I'm sure it feels good. My kid is definitely my positive force right now, despite simultaneously hating the whole experience. It's a really complicated feeling. Just been trudging through shit ever since the end of high school, and I don't do well with stress. This ended up being a "poor me" thread, I'm sorry, I know it's rough for a lot of people, and people say 20 is young, I still have time to fix things. Just really feeling like shit lately. Thanks for the support.

  6. Not fighting with you bro but I wanna say they are not work of science they are works of nature alone.:cool:
  7. yeah mondays suck

  8. How about you go make yourself a badass sandwich and watch a funny movie. You can also put a smile on your face by thinking of how your baby will be when he grows up, you can teach how to catch a ball and stuff. :cool:
  9. [ame=]‪Maxwell House interviews Neil Pasricha about how he handles dark days‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
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    Nah, I have a test tube baby. Jk haha. Not much for sandwich supplies and no dvd player, but great ideas. Just gonna go pay rent and hang out with the little guy. Maybe a bit of hacky sack when he goes to sleep.
    I like the video, I did hit several green lights in a row today. And thank god, because it's 109 out and the car's got no a/c.
    Again, appreciate the help, you guys are great.
  11. i love mondays -- they are my only day off :)

    head up OP. you have a son who needs and loves you. what more could you ask for? and at least you are living to see another monday. life is precious so look at the glass half full rather than half empty. you won't see positive results unless you motivate yourself to make things start happening.
  12. I dont know man i enjoy mondays
  13. biological science... anatomical science...
    pregnancy is a very scientific process imo
  14. Time for tuesday. I read my original post and realized it made me sound like a single parent. That there's a positive, it's not that bad. I live with my gf, she just works nights, which is why I am alone.
    Anyway, time for work. Have a good week, blades, this cup of coffee is for you!

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