Monday the 24th will be 7 weeks ...

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  1. im planning on going 10 FULL weeks (SINCE I SWITCHED 12/12) then choppin all 3.

    do you guys think 10 weeks is a good harvest point for ANY plant ?

    i have a kings kush(green house seeds), black diesel(advanced seeds), and kaya 47 (advanced seeds) .

    ill post pics once i get my camera some batteries, hopefully tonight !
  2. Black Diesel and Kaya 47 have flowering periods of 60 and 67 days. 10 weeks is fine. No information about King's Kush. 10 weeks flowering could be too much for some strains. After a plant reaches peak ripeness, the THC and other compounds can begin to break down effecting th overall quality of the buds. So, no 10 weeks is not a good harvest point for ANY plant.

  3. aight.

    dont the companys who sell these seeds base the flowering period on the best possible conditions ?

    wouldnt them 60/67 days be more like 70ish?
  4. check trichomes to tell when to harvest. seedbank info is a swag at best, just like guessing how much bud youll get.:smoke:
  5. careful blkwhtdog FYL might get upset if you question his yield
  6. hahahahaha. i peed lots from that one
  7. Forget about the days thats just a guide line not a specific date.When in doubt when u think there done wait a week

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