Monday Night blues!

Discussion in 'General' started by stevieponiczz, May 28, 2002.

  1. Well its a 11:34 here in NYC. My neighborhood slowly dies down..less people wandering the streets. No one to be seen but an occasional slow paced car and the street lights. The barbeques no longer burn..memoria dayl is now just a memory ethched in our minds. And now I sit here..freshly toasted due to a nice bowl of mediocre long island marijuana, reflecting on the evening.

    ..lost my thought

    Well I finally kissed that girl that was gunna get with that lil jack off i told you about before. Andi loved it!

    Annd that same little jack off is starting to insult me behind my back. The weed says make amends. My brain remorse find him and make him sorry. And my heart says "Hey fuck that i'm neutral".


    Another car passes by..I wonder where that driver is going. Bakc home to his wife after beind with his mistress.

    I saw a mock marine battle today at the park. It was pretty interesting. They also did a fake riot and the marines beat down the demonstrators..that made me tingle.


    I'll be heading back up to bed soon to watch my friend Conan O' Brien..he makes me laugh a lot. Then I will slowly drift asleep. My eyes flickering then finally closing one last time as my conscious will leave me for 3 or 4 hours. Then a bright light will overtake make pulling me back down hard into reality.

    5 minutes later:

    I'll be getting ready for school


    Peace everyone

    Be safe

    I love yas
  2. yeah but lucky for me I got all of fourth quarter of my senior year off to do an intership! Im at my job right now on gcity instead of in school!

    About to leave and go toke! :)

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