Monday Morning

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, May 22, 2006.

  1. Okay, so i've pushed all the furniture in my basement to one side of the room.

    It's 1:40AM and i'm playing hacky sack alone in my basement in my boxers.

    Haha, it's too hot under halogen lights to wear pants.

    I railed 3 lines of codiene tonight, downed a couple shots of smirnoff and been ripping bongs. I'm absolutley fucked and terrible at hacky sack.

    I'm taking a break because i'm tried and need more pot. The codiene is wearing off, and im getting a headache. I'm probably dehydrated.

    I think i'll crash around 2:30-3:00 and have a nice long sleep.

    Forget to tell you, i have tommorow off. haha!
  2. Sounds fucking awesome man, I wish I was there to play with ya! Oh yeah and hit your bong if ya don't mind! :smoke: Hahaha mad chill my man.

    EDIT: Holy shit post # 1234!!!! Awesome haha. Now I'm really going to bed, I promise. I've already failed as a responsible student tonight. :p Enjoy your night and day off RM!
  3. i refuse to answer any more of your threads until i find out your age, u damn mysterious man you!!!

    lol, but yea thats awesome ur down there playing hacky sac haha. Id laugh soo hard lol. Have fun on ur day off!!
  4. sounds like a great night, and gotta love these canadian holidays
  5. R_M, i feel ya bro, i have the day off tomorrow too. :bongin:

    i think imma smoke a bowl right now. :D
  6. Haha you'll never know!! Haha there is nothing better to do, and i've been sitting on my ass all day!

    Definatley man, i love spreading the wealth.
    It's hard playing in the basement, i keep almost kicking my TV, and almost falling on my coffee table.

    Haha yes, that's awesome. I JUST smoked a bowl and then came to check GC and read this. Smoke on, buddy!

  7. hmmm. reckless teenage with no regard to cofee tables, or old man with knees going out, the quest continues!
  8. R_M is 31-3. ;)

    .....i think.......
  9. haha wykid, to be honest, idk if u really know just hinting at me lol, but i couldnt even begin to guess about him haha, And even if i did, it would not change my opinion of him.
  10. Muahahaha! :D

    Just for kicks:

    My age is in these 6 numbers: 736215

    (( it's like the da vinci code on codiene ))
  11. What? like i'm going to tell you?

    Why don't we geuss your age? Huh? what're you hiding?

  12. hmmmmm....

    7+3+6+2+15= 33?

    7*3= 21+6=27-1=26+5=31?



    i give up lmao
  13. Guy from the 70's knows how old i am, ask him.
  14. haha rasta rasta, but im 18 lol. nothing to hide. But i can totally understand the secrecy haha, and mystery is awesome and fun when im baked lol

  15. Haha isn't he on a post-holiday tour of the nation or something?!?

    ps--my guess is mid-thirties

    pps--what canadian holiday is today?
  16. Haha i don't know where that grissly old hippie is.

    PS - close but waaaaay off.

    PPS - Queen Victoria day, huzzah for british monarchs!
  17. another monday of straight chillen, :D

    but i still got agendas like smokin blunts haha

    it looks real nice outside today.

    enjoy the day off.

  18. monday fuckin morning. thought it was Memorial Day today so I didn't set my alarm for work, but its only Victoria Day so I'm late. I left my window open last night so its fuckin cold in here. can't...remove...blankets. rent's late and i'm almost out of weed. I'm sure there's going to be some cat vomit to pick up when i leave my room too.

    great way to start the week. :/

  19. Hang on, you get a day off for a dead Queen?

    I live in Britain and don't even get a day off. I'm gonna write a letter.

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