Monday 9/28 Marc Emery is going to Prison

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - The Prince of Pot and Jodie Part 1[/ame]

    MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 - Marc Emery to be Taken Into Custody | Cannabis Culture Magazine

    he seems to be the leader of the legalizing movement in Canada, guess that is fucked for now :smoking: he also wont be able to smoke weed for 5 years!!!

    I'm not sure how I feel about the guy, some people think he is a sell out- but regardless it's always good to have people that can preach the word like he does and he seems like a cool guy to smoke with. he clearly broke American law, but it was a nice move to spread millions of seeds in America!
  2. 5 year t break....if theres anyone who needs it, its this guy :smoking:
  3. this guy is blaming everyone but himself, what a douche
  4. Nah. He was willing and accepting to go to prison on behalf of the movement. He said so himself in the documentary that came out about him a year or so ago when this trial thing was starting to come around. I think he deserves support, and should have never been extradited. He may have broken American law, but he resides in Canada. It is their problem, not ours. Our tax dollars, should not be going to out of country prisoners. That is to say if the prison he is going to isn't privately owned.
  5. Wow, i mean i like the guy, and he's right about his thoughts on marijuana... But, the whole video was him blaming his fans and supporters for not getting him out of the shit HE did...

    Now, I don't exactally know the full story, but from what i do know he sounds like he's just blaming his fans=/
  6. yeahhh we fucking failed him.. what an ignorant asshole dude, yeah i like what hes doing, but wtf. how is it our fault. we cant even get normal shit to pass in the house and senate and he thinks we can all just rally up and FREE MARC EMERY!!!1!!

    if you ask me hes a douche.
  7. It is egotistical for him to say that, but he makes a really good point.

    So many people do nothing to help out the cause. Can't really talk being that I'm one of the many who don't.
  8. Exactly. I don't think he is blaming all of his fans, I think this is just his way of venting. I know I'd be pretty pissed if I was heading off to a shitty ass prison that wasn't even in my country.

  9. it's kind of true. if every marijuana user in the united states called up the white house comment line or sent letters to one their local officials- Marijuana would be legal by now imo

    I don't know the percentage of Marijuana smokers in the world but I think there are around 15 million regular users. imagine if everyone of them (including myself) protested or called their local senators. most of the stoners I know haven't done any sort of activism.

    in my defense- i spoke to my college class last year and gave a presentation on why marijuana should be illegal and my professor liked it
  10. im sure worldwide people think that america is a "i want it, i get it" place but we all know that isnt true. the original laws of our constitution placed the federal government under scrict rules so that not too much power was achieved. guess what we have allowed happen? thats why our voices arnt heard and nothing is ever done. this god damn fucking country is so backwards now i doubt it will EVER be like it was.

  11. illegal? prob a typo
  12. I think he is kind of douchey, but then again... he's made a dent in the whole process of legalization, right? If he blames me, I don't see where he gets off doing so.

    I smoke weed, but I uphold the law like many other citizens. So, why am I to blame? I can get it, smoke it, be high, be civil, and not break the law. S'all good.
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    This is how Emery always acts. Nothing is ever enough. He knew what he did was illegal and he knew the consequences of his actions. So I'm not surprised he's blaming his supporters. He says he got into the seed business to "overgrow the government". Bullshit. He did it because he knew he could make a shitload of money. He even tried to move his merchandise in this video. The only reason he supports legalization to the extent he does is because he knows its the best way to raise awareness of his case and to save his ass. It's just a fucking act.

    I have no sympathy for him. The guy is rotton IMO.
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    shit- yea I don't think marijuana should be illegal

    i spoke about the origins of cannabis prohibition and how our marijuana laws come from racism.
    the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races."
    "You smoke a joint and you're likely to kill your brother."
    "Reefer makes darkies think they're as good as white men."
    "Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind."
    than i showed obama answering the town hall marijuana question and said i don't think it's funny to waste billions of dollars on locking up harmless citizens [ame=""]YouTube - President Obama at Virtual Town Hall on Legalizing Marijuana[/ame]

    and went through all the essential arguments, cannabis harm compared to other drugs, statistics (94 million americans have used marijuana-including obama and michael phelps, 900,000 arrests for posession in one year-which comes out of tax payers wallets), government would make over 100 billion dollars in 7 years if it were taxed and regulated!
    some of the revenue can go to drug education programs and stop kids from getting access to it ,etc.\

    im preaching to the choir here

  15. THat's a good point. it's ridiculous that he is still selling shit on his videos and blaming the viewers.
  16. A lot of the laws in the early prohibition were due to lobbying. Mainly the cotton and paper industries. They saw that hemp was a major threat to their industry and lobbied the government to back them. It was done, and then they needed a reason to outlaw. Things such as reefer madness came about, saying the immigrant workers were lazy because they smoked pot, etc... To this day, paper and cotton industry still fear the legalization of marijuana. This would mean a serious loss of profit. So cannabis wasn't prohibited due to racism, racism was more the scapegoat.

  17. you're right. but I didn't want to get into hemp because than i would have to speak a lot about it-

    i showed how they fear mongered the public to get national attention
  18. Marc Emery did a lot for the movement and I respect him for that
    but he's acting like he's literally being crucified.
  19. Good enough. Sometimes you've got to put more emphasis on what people should know rather than the history.
  20. exactly.

    gotta give all the "Holy Shit" information

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