Mom's coworker in PRON!!

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  1. 20 years old....come on now guy's can't a 20 y/o live at home? anyways I was doing my nightly ritual and these new darn fangled sites have like previews when u scroll over the pictures, so im browsing, getting my preview on not knowing what I am in the mood for on that particular night.
    All of a sudden I see a face, "hey I know that face" and next thing you know I am face to face with a woman who was on the same bowling league with me (haha), a woman who I have repainted my moms work with, a woman who I have hated since the day I met her overweight surgically enhanced stomach (tummy tuck), its funny how conceited this woman is.
    Not so hot anymore is it? hahaha, well yeah just thought I would share this amazing story with you guy's I can not believe this actually happened. I mean everyone dreams of this kind of thing....just why could she not be 20 with smoking hot legs and 130 pounds? sigggghhh oh yeah and its a DP scene!!!! ahahahaha. I would provide the link but I know half of you fuckers here are not of age, and I don't know if its against to post that kind of linkage.
  2. haha thats mad weird, i was just on one of those sites, and i was thinking how crazy itd be to see someone in a video that i knew. haha no joke
  3. lol pm me the link. lol. j/j but seriosly pm me the link.
  4. Theres also a girl I went to highschool with and she is now a porn star haha, her name is Taj Malai......not my cup of tea either!!! But damn MY MOMS COWORKER!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA
  5. what he said
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    my friends and I found a amatuer porno of my 10th grade english teacher, or so we thought, looked exactly the same. Any ways, that women was so hot, she would blirt out sexual things all the time. I never paid attention in any class more than hers. One time we were chillen on a half a day, and she put in a coldplay DVD. She got to talking, and blirted out to the class, "this song is pretty nice to have sex to...wait...did I just say that out loud?" We all looked at her in awww, she was awesome. Mrs Brown was the shiznit...
  7. I keep a fairly extensive album of my encounters, so this is the norm for me....... Uhh could you send me the porn link??! And I don't want to see this knee slapper as someones sig!!!

  8. i dare you to show your mom
  9. a fairly extensive collection? what every woman you have met in life has shown up in porn??? haha yeah I would show her if we had that kind of relationship but yeah the fuck right. I know a guy that works there he is a cool dude...middle eastern dude he slangs and has smoked me out before with some bomb ass budds. I will tell his ass, let him have some fun with it haha.
  10. i found my first porno magazine at my elementary school that i was attending. i was up there ridin bikes with a neighbor kid, and i found two lesbo mags. haha we were looking at them and i was so confused about what the pussy was and shit..

    we "dug" them not very deep just assuming that noone would fuck with them, but surely enough when we came back the next day or somethin they were gone.:(:(

    ohwell, got my first glimpse of EATEN PUSSY.:smoke::smoke:
  11. i crashed a black stripper in my bowling league.

    fat ass booty. she was 28, i was 18. I felt like the shit when she told me I was better than the black dudes she had been with.
  12. yea seriously what they said lets see some bowling tits
  13. pastywhitey, she is a fucking stipper. She has said that to so many little white dicks it is actually becoming true in her mind.
  14. I know that feeling when you first see their face.

    I was either a freshman or sophomore; I forgot the name, but it was some computer class so naturally the class was a sausage-fest. There was one girl in a class of about 25; surprisingly she was good-looking... just another senior looking for a bullshit elective.

    Well, it was one of the Girls Gone Wild commercials that air every 20 seconds on Comedy Central when 11pm rolls around. Now, if that wasn't enough, she was doing the theme of first time lesbians, and she made out with the chick in the commercial. Now, the irony itself was hilarious to me, considering she used to brag a bit about sex in one way or another whenever she had the chance.
  15. LMAO... so, so true... For some reason I find black chicks are always saying that you're the shit once you're done... maybe it's a cultural thing for them?
  16. i think your confusing the term stripper with whore:rolleyes:
  17. man, i've always wanted to see some girl I met/know in a pron video.. maybe i'm just a little weird..
  18. i know a chick who is on the cover of one of the 2 newest GGW videos
  19. Omgz! Pr0n! ;O
  20. Well this man used the term "stripper" so I did also and LOTS and I mean LOTS of strippers do extra shit all day for that lotta bit of extra pay.

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