Moms birthday

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  1. Hey guys my moms birthday is Sunday and I can't think of anything to get her, got any ideas? I know I'm going to get her a card but i wanted something to go along with that.
  2. A purple dildo
  3. Massage Envy gift card. Yankee candle. Take her to lunch/dinner.
  4. Get her a gift card for somewhere she likes to go. One time my brother and I went in on a gift card to some Spa place.
  5. Charm bracelet?

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  6. Thanks guys! Except for you
  7. You don't even gotta buy anything... Really you could make something personal and it would be a way better gift.
  8. Motherfuckin candles...or house decorations, figure out the color scheme she uses in her house and base along that.

    My mother loves it when I get her nicknacks for her house, her bf hates me for it :laughing:
  9. The best present of all is a nice fingering.

    Make it the best birthday ever.
  10. Not even a bit funny, Mire. Not even a bit...:rolleyes:

  11. LOLOLOLOL not funny.
  12. How about an ounce of Russian Caviar
  13. I agree. Buy her weed
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    Now why would you suggest that? I mean just because you and your dad share the same dildo there is no reason to believe others would enjoy that.:eek:

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