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mommy, you get high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by andyboy420, May 12, 2010.

  1. Damn I had a pretty badass day today. I have smoked pot for ten years in the same house. I was smoking a fat blunt when my mom walked out. She was like "you toke up"? I was like " well aparently". She then asked for a hit and my mom smoked up half my joint! Anyone else have similar experiences?
  2. hahaahah dude, she figured out after 10 years? and she smokes with you....what was the point of being sneaky about it?

    good lesson to be learned.
  3. In the same house as your parents or just in your house? That's pretty sick though.
  4. idk i would feel awkward smoking with my parents
  5. When I told my parents I smoked, my dad's reaction was to ask if he could have a spliff with me, followed by a long discussion about how weed smoking has changed since he was my age. We haven't actually smoked together yet though - he quit years back so I'm not sure if he was joking.
  6. So your blunt turned into a joint?! :confused::eek:
  7. yeah i felt the same way but after awhile it isnt so ackward, and its actually qite fun.
  8. yeah when i told my brother i smoked he told me he blazed with our mom all in highschool so i told her i smoked and now i blaze with her all the time
  9. lol i was high when i wrote that
  10. Oh boy.. if my parents smoked regularly, that'd be crazy. Free MJ all day baby.
  11. hahah my mom is all about meditation and relaxation and shit, but the way she lives her life is nothing like that.. my mom would never smoke with me.. or ever again... my dad is basically a stoner that doesn't toke, but when i got caught one time when i was younger i asked him if we could ever smoke one day and he said that he would consider it, still no mention of it
  12. my step dad foundout when he asked me if i wanted to smoke with him XD

    stepdad is fine with me smoking aslong as it doesnt mess up schoolwork for college

  13. i feel a little better about myself that i wasn't the only one who noticed that

    but yeah pretty damn close to the same thing happened to me except it was my grandma and i was hitting my bong she walked in and at first I was like o shit:eek: but she explained to me that she smokes everyday but she has never hit a bong

    so we got ripped and watched nice dreams!:smoking: one of my favorite smoke sessions yet
  14. i told my mom when i started college that she had to accept it or i was gone for good. she isnt happy cuz its illegal but could care less about smoking it lol.

    my father would never be able to know i have to keep this a secret till i atleast own a house of my own [father is very old school man]

    best part is my brother is a college dropout party loser and my sister a ex-coke head. so all my parents children got involved in some kinda drug [pot, alcohol, or cocaine] plus we all smoke cigs! lol
  15. Dad smokes mom dont wish they both did.

    Thats it....
  16. lol I've been keeping it a secret for so long and I finally got on the subject of MJ with my mother. I guess she toked up all during college with her brothers, and my dad. she could care less if I smoke, she just said to not get caught and dont drive while high haha

    oh and she said she would smoke with me if it became legal (wtf?) ...but idk she might be gone by then.. or at least too old haha
  17. Both my parents smoke

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