Mommy Dearest almost busted me today :)

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  1. So, I'm usually really sketched about smoking in my house. I live in an apartment, so it's hard to get away with stuff because the rooms are so close together.

    I've been smoking more and more in my house recently (with school being over I've been home during the day more than usual, while my parents are out working) and, progressively, becoming less and less cautious about it.

    Today, my parents were going out, about 20-25 minutes away from where I live so I figured that if I smoke after they leave, I'd have at least an hour to chill and make sure the apartment doesn't reek or whatever. I had to take a shower, so I decided to steam up the bathroom and use a sploof for double protection since it's worked before.

    I managed to get together a small bowl of stuff that was stuck in my grinder. I smoke it, and it actually got me higher than I thought it would. I was really good about using the sploof for the first few hits, but I stopped remembering to use it about halfway through. I also had a few pulls of a cig which I should have used the sploof for but didn't (my parents dont know I smoke either cigs or weed, but they'd def be more pissed about cigs). I didn't really care though, I had at least 40 mins to take care of that.

    So I'm chilling in the foggy bathroom, basking in my highness... when all of a sudden, the buzzer rings. My family has a special way of buzzing it so we know to just open the door instead of asking who it is, so I knew right away that one of my parents... or worse, both of them. I'm bugging out because I know the bathroom reeks, I could smell it, and there's an inchwide gap under the door so the hallway probable reeked too... I didn't bother blocking it since I'm usually better with using the sploof than I was today, big mistake.

    I decide to open the window for ventilation. I opened it a bit at the bottom and a bit at the top (my high logic told me that the hot steamy air would go out the top since heat rises, and that fresh cold air from outside would come in the bottom, creating a kind of ventilation system... this is probably wrong but it's what I imagined would happen), but I left the hot shower on in case it would help in any way. I ran into my room and put my pipe, lighter, cigs, etc. away and I hear my mom frantically buzzing, I guess I was taking longer than I thought and my mom is an impatient woman.

    I started thinking that she was gonna be suspicious that I was taking so long and started to bug out a little again. But then I get an idea -- if I just put on a bathrobe (in case she did see me), buzz her in, unlock the front door, and get in the shower before she came upstairs, she'll think I took so long because I didn't hear her buzzing over the sound of the shower.

    So I do this, and as I'm standing in the shower I realize the bathroom still smells like weed and the hallway probably does too, but the only thing I could do at this point was hope she didn't notice. She must have forgotten something because she came in the house for all of a minute, walking past the bathroom to get to her room but saying nothing about the smell.

    It was much more chaotic then than it sounds now. :D
  2. Shit man. I remember this time (a few weeks ago actually) that my friends were round and me, my girlfriend and one other were taking periodic trips outside to smoke a joint. Now, my dad was in bed but my mum was out with some friends. So around midnight we don't know if she's back and we didn't hear her or if she's still out. We decided to go out for another one anyway and on the way back who should walk through the door but my mum. By this time I'm pretty high and my eyes are going to give me away, but fortunately we're in semi-darkness so she wouldn't notice. Thank god, I thought, until she said "can I come upstairs and say hi?" Fuck. So we walked upstairs and I mumbled something about my stomach being upset and having to go to the bathroom. So I hid in there for the minute or so she was upstairs. Fortunately my dad had some kind of stomach bug at the time and she thought I may have caught it, so no questions were asked and she said good night through the door. Closest shave I've had so far.
    Lucky for you you weren't caught!
  3. Nah you guys are crazy. I would just smoke in the backyard if you have one. Side of the house.... Or staircase if you live in an apartment building...

    I've done all three. All three are safe. As long as its not inside your house/apartment. Bitchy parents suck.
  4. We were smoking in the backyard in my case. We just unfortunately happened to bump into my mum on the way back upstairs.

  5. sucks that was probably a buzz kill
  6. Yah I just step outside on my balconey. Smell is gone in like 10 mins tops.
  7. My staircase is right in my hallway, not behind a door like alot of people's. I really wish it was though, because I've smoked in that kind of staircase at my friend's house and it was chill, plus no one in my building takes the stairs except for the people on the first floor.

    I have a small area in the back of my building that is far from a yard but all the bedrooms face it anyway, so someone would definitely hear me creeping around. And my parents aren't really bitchy, in fact I think the only problems she would have had with the situation was that I was smoking in the house and the cigarette.

    Kind of, but for some reason I love showering high so that kinda saved it lol.
  8. Hah, this always happens to me but I never learn myself and become more careful....I toked from a spoon and thought since the hits I get aren't as big as when I rip off a bong I'd be straight...well my parents got back after only 45 minutes at the store. Luckily I just said I was tired and went to take a nap hah.

    Good thing you didn't get busted, that would suck.....Oh yea my parents would for sure be angrier about my cigs than weed lol.
  9. damn i use to thru those with panic but luckly my parents already found out and kiked me out from their boring house in arizona and sent me to california to my grandma they fucked up if they think California was a wey to get me away from weed since my grandma lives in hollywood :smoking: and i tell you this weed from hollywood is wayyyyyyyyy much better then shity dirt weed i use to smoke now when i wanna smoke at home i hit it on the roof of my apartments but thats rare that i smoke at home since im always out all day and night getting high while skating on hollywood with the homies :yay:
  10. got caught with a lighter in my hand over a pop-can bowl when i was younger, fortunately mom would rather believe i was trying to melt a pop can with a lighter than the truth, so it wasn't too bad
  11. LOL I love when parents are kinda naive. I always think that when I smoke in the house I should use something like an apple instead of my bowl so that if I get caught they don't think I have an actual piece, so they can't take it away.

    Although my mom did say once that if she ever found out that I had a pipe or something, she'd sell it, keep the money, find my stash, and boil it. :eek:
  12. Walk outside to toke. If your parents are against it it's not cool to skunk up their place.
  13. You know, I'm actually with you there, and I get how it seems really disrespectful... except for the fact that my sister and I think my parents smoke in the house. Meaning, we're almost positive. But if we're wrong I'd much rather not find out the hard way.
  14. LOL, well at least you didn't panic. Usually when people get really high, that's the first thing that happens.

  15. I'm not assuming anything, but how is it you don't know your parents smoke in the house?
  16. Those moments are always so intense, when your mind is moving at like 1,000 miles an hour to think of something, anything, that you can do to save your ass.

  17. yea ive got a nice nice balcony off my room.

    works great every time.

  18. i dont think that was his point, his point was that if your parents that own the house/appartment dont want you to smoke weed let alone smoke in it then you shouldnt smoke in it (obviously smoke weed however) :)
  19. - My sister has asked me if I smoked in the house when I haven't because she smells weed in the hallway, which is attached to both our bedroom and our parents' bedroom. If you rule my sister and I out... there's only two people left. I've smelled it too, reeeally occasionally (like once a year maybe)... it's usually for a quick second but is quickly covered up by (and, when I was little, blamed on) incense ;)

    - My parents always have fans facing out the window instead of in. According to them it's to "get some air flowing through here" :rolleyes:

    - My mom has redness relief eyedrops in the medicine cabinet. She'd tell you that it's because her makeup irritates her eyes and makes them red, but I think that if that were the real reason she wouldn't care enough to bother covering it up since that's a relatively innocent excuse.

    - They have lighters EVERYWHERE. Tons of them. My mom likes incense and scented candles, but the amount of lighters they own are ridiculous considering they don't even smoke cigs.

    - My mom has admitted to being a pothead when she was my age, and that she smoked more than drank until she got involved with my dad. She thinks pot should be legalized and let my boyfriend's friend get a bong delivered to our house, although that was more because she thinks that parents should stop fucking with their kids' mail after they turn 18.

    I think that's a decent amount of proof, but I'm not assuming anything until I see it for myself, because with my luck I probably have it all wrong and my mom would murder me for smoking in the house. :p

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