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Momma's birthday

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Big Poppa Puff, Oct 19, 2001.

  1. If some of you remember I was looking for a custom made pir that looked like a candy cane for my wife's birthday a couple of months ago. I had one made out in oregon by the eugeneglassalliance.com and it turned out pretty cool. Well last night was the birthday party and she got to open up her presents.

    After a long day of work, couple hours of soccer practice, eating pizza and drinking Amstels, we finally got home close to 10 last night. She opened up her presents and had a blast. The kids got her an electric guitar and amp and I got her the pipe. She was more excited about the guitar and didn't go to bed till late after playing all night. She loved her pipe but wanted to wait till the weekend to break it in. All in all she had a good birthday.

    Oh, she turned 39 years old. I bet you thought she was younger than that by her presents she got.
  2. Hi BPP, I'm glad she had a good birthday! She sounds like one hip chick to me.
    Wish her a happy birthday for me

  3. Sounds like an awesome birthday! I am still curious what the candy cane pipe looks like, I bet awesome!
    Anyway happy birthday to Momma Puff :)
    Hope she has fun breaking in her guitar AND her pipe~
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  4. Tell momma puff Happy B-Day for me. Is momma Puff liking her new pipe? I hope you both have a great week end.

    See ya in the moonshine.
  5. Tell her happy B-day for me too..play that guitar..smoke on that pipe and enjoy 39,,,
  6. So l,am a couple days late :D

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