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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by shortyottomatix, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. Ok guys I'm going to buy a light (or lights) tommarow. And I'm worried about going overboard here. I'm wanting to grow in a funky shaped closest that's a little more than 3'8" across the bottom, about 1' across the top and about 7' feet tall. The hole closest is more than 8' long and there's a shelf about 4' from the ground.

    If this makes sense the closest kinda looks like this.
    l \ Think about looking into a soccer goal.

    With the straight side being the doors. Which are big sliding doors with angled panels. (Light leaks big time). I've got to work on sealing up this bitch and trying to make something out of it. Using the whole 8' width is crazy. So I'm wanting to section off and seal up a portion of the space.

    I'm wanting to have tons of great smoke and I'm all about experimentation. I want to try to grow sog, scrog, supercropping, etc etc etc and see what works best for me and what I'll prefer. I want to grow mainly indicas and more than likely cash crops like autoflowering strains that finish early.

    I have a good bit of money to spend and I don't mind investing a good little bit. But I'm scared that 1,000 watts is going to burn my crib down and at the very best create uncontrollable heat problems. (Even though the ballast does not have the be in the closet)...... Plus if it comes down to 1,000 watts getting me busted and 400 watts keeping me safe, hands down I'll take the 400.

    So I'm thinking that I should go with some kind of a lower wattage light. Maybee invest in a fluro cloning/vegging station. Try to snag up something to help give the babies co2, that and try to figure out something to do about ventalation.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't want to go overboard here but I certainly don't want to cut myself short either. The day temps reach about 80f and nights about 70f, I don't know of any humiditity problems, and I can fix the light leaks. I'm just trying to come up with the best system possible in the least space (oh yeah and it's all organic too).

    So what should I do? 2x250 watt hps? 400 watt hps? 600 watt hps? Hps/Mh light? (like the two bulbs in one reflector deal) What would you guys do?

    Should I get a huge soil bed or try to grow in pots?

    I am more than open to suggestions and I fully relize that a lot of this will be trial and error. I guess my main question right now is lights, b/c I can't afford to keep buying different ones constantly. (Too scared to order them off-line, so I have to make a several hour drive to a hydro shop). Any help would be greatly appericated and I'm sorry I don't have pics, I know they would help but I'm paranoid.
  2. Heres a quote from this thread:

    It may or may not help you out.


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