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Discussion in 'General' started by hepheastus, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Do you guys ever "feel" the way you did a certain time in your life? Like a flashback to where you have vivid memories of a period of time in your life.

    I was smoking in my place not to long ago and decided to step outside.. I then walked a little out to the woods (btw the woods are scary as fuck at night). I lit up a joint and instantly remembered a time in my life where I used to hide from my parents by smoking behind bushes and trees late at night. I laughed because the feeling rushed over me.

    Or someties in the colder months, I get a certain feeling that matches the same feeling I had during the time when I was hooked on opiates and certain psychadelics (sorry just a little part of my story)..

    I'm not sure how to explain it.. Kind of like nostalgia I guess.

    PS.. you GC people are cool as fuck.. and I'm drunk/high as fuck.. We're a perfect match lol :hello:
  2. haha man i used to toke up in the woods beside my house aswell :) yea i think i know what you mean kinda like de ja vu?? whenever i visit the town i grew up in i get this same feeling that i cant explain it brings up alot of old memories, some good, some bad.

    last time i was there i went to the abondoned house that me and my boys chilled at everyday. we smoked a few joints and man oh man i got the strangest feeling running through my head i could remember everything perfect from when we were younger the smells the fun we used to have doing stupid shit.

    its hard to explain but its a beautifull feeling but also creepy haha.

    i would also like to hear other blades storys of strange feelings from the past / flashbacks.
    great thread dude :)
  3. you are a weird dude hep lol
  4. I know what you mean I feel that all the time. Like back to the feeling I thought in that particular part of my life.
  5. Isn't that what nostalgia is pretty much? I feel like this all the time. Mostly it happens when I listen to a band or certain kind of music I haven't listened to for years. My mindset starts becoming what it was at that point in time for a while.
  6. Certain smells hit me sometimes and it brings back memories or childhood moments or times and also tiny things I see sparks the memories... The brain is a mysterious place
  7. Like BreezyF, I am the same way
  8. Especially this certain weird smell reminds me of the cafeteria in elementary school and it brings back all those memories and how I wanted to try strawberry milk so bad and when I finally did it was shit lol o_O

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