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Moment of silence for a fallen blade...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ~RJ~, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. RIP Superdank123. I saw him last night for a few mins and apparently was the last one to see him alive. :cry::cry::cry::cry:

    You were my homie Shawn rest in peace bro....just thought it was right for GC to know.
  2. That's hard man, RIP. I smoke in your memory tonight fallen blade.
  3. Damn dude sorry to here about your friend. I hope you're doing all right
  4. :( sorry to hear man. Sorry to hear about anyone going. RIP
  5. Oh damn... I will put one in the sky for this guy. Too bad
  6. Another Blade withers away and dries to become new life
    RIP Brother Blade
  7. Damn sorry man. I'm also from CT.
  8. RIP man, this bowl is for you.
  9. Rest in paradise my friend
  10. Time for everybody to smoke in his honor
  11. Sucky when shit like this happens :( RIP
  12. Damn, sorry to hear about that OP.

    RIP Blade.
  13. RIP

    Only you can finish th
  14. Hope his death was not in pain.

    Only you can finish th
  15. Damn imma pack a bowl of that fuego later for him ... Rip superdank123 :smoke:
  16. ... What happened?
  17. Sorry for your loss. My sympathy and condolences to those who loved him. Always a bummer to lose a fellow head.:(

  18. I saw him about 9pm last night. We talked for a few mins and made plans to chill and dab about 20 mins from then...I never hit him back up, got caught up in my own shit and went home....then this morning I hear he overdosed on a combo of prescriptions...I knew he was fucked up but I guess that line of being okay and too fucked is very very fine...all I think about is what if I hit him up...and we chilled, and he didn't pass out?? Shit man....
  19. It isn't your fault. If you would have called, he still might have wanted to still do the prescription pills and you might of seen him die. So I think it was going to happen either way. Don't burden yourself! Stay strong!

    Only you can finish th
  20. Don't blame yourself ~RJ~, it was just a matter of time.

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