Mom went through my phone

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  1. what the fuck. ok i still live with my rents and my mom pays for my phone bill just until i finish school and move out. does this give her the right to go through it? She went through my phone and i had messages like to my friends about bongs and shit and to my dealers about buying bud. she did this when i was sleeping and my phone was charging. she took my phone and is refusing to give it back. this is bullshit. i cant wait till this years over so i can finally move out. parents are fucking sneaky sons of bitches.
  2. :laughing::laughing::laughing:yes.....yes she can :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  3. it's time for a password lock
  4. should have had the passcode on your phone man...
  5. my phones shitty and old. it doesnt have one. im sick of this bullshit.
  6. Get a job.
  7. i do have a job. i just dont pay for my phone
  8. Then start paying for it? If you pay for your own shit there is nothing she can do. Learn to live with your mom going through your shit until your ready to grow up and pay for your own shit. :wave:
  9. She just wants some connects really, dont worry.
  10. Happened almost exactly the same to me, except my parents are cool with it. XxbluedreamxX
  11. Yeah bro. She can do that
  12. theres youer answer
  13. put up some funny texts from your phone about bud and bongs and shit lol
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    This^ I woke up and saw my mom as she was going through my phone. Took it outa her hands, set a lock, and went back to sleep.
  15. so what do you pay for :D.
  16. Good thing my mom doesnt snoop around. :smoke:
  17. the truth is she prolly is just worried about you. i suggest u attempt to educate her on the herb and show her how wonderfull her culture is. this could be a good thing perhaps......
  18. You call your PArents, rents, your mom pays your phone bill, and you seem to confuse a privilege with a right.

    Did I miss anything?
  19. My Mom did the same thing when I was 16.

    She saw the nude pics I was sending/recieving from a girl I was dateing.

    Never had the problem again.
  20. well use that job to buy a new phone.

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