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Mom thinks I'm addicted am I?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by panflake, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. So I've been smokinfor around three years off and on and my mom knows I smoke and lately she's been asking me y I'm always sad or don't look happy and I told her Im not happy and depressed and I told her I'm pretty much only happy and shut when I'm smoking like I don't feel ba and she told me I'm addicted and wanted to put me in rehab. Idk what to do. Any help? Thanks in advance
  2. No. You are not addictied.
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    it's just a sad world out there, smile more and she won't think you're depressed. though she might think you're high :D

    EDIT:no you're not addicted
  4. Just take a break and get your body back to normal haha i'm currently on day 3 of my month long t-break and i already feel way more energized.
  5. Dude they'd probably throw you outta rehab if she tried to put you in it.:D People don't go to rehab for pot unless they're court ordered.

    Just tell your mom that your an adult and you'll make your own decisions regarding using drugs.
  6. I love parents who send people to rehab for weed. When I got caught last year my mom threatened me about sending me to rehab if I kept smoking, and while completely sober, I laughed so hard at her and told her that you don't go to rehab for weed, because you can't get physically addicted to it. As for your moods, you may want to get a professional evaluation by a psychiatrist.
    Good Luck and Happy Toking!

  7. don't go to a psychiatrist unless you get heavy depression, they will stick you on meds for the rest of your life...on the other hand you can just sell the pills

  8. I go to a pshychiatrist on a weekly basis and the only time he ever gave me pills was one time that I was having really bad headaches, so he prescribed some migraine medicine for 1 week. Never even suggested any anti-depressants or anything of the sort. The only thing he asked me about was medication for my ADD, which when I told him I wasn't comfortable with, he put the subject to rest and never brought it up again.

    I'm not hating on you, but I think you have a very malformed idea of psychiatry, perhaps you've had a personal experience, but that doesn't make all psychiatrists evil quacks (though some can be lol). Peace.

    Happy Toking!
  9. I'm thinking you may have some depression or dysthymia (not as bad depression) which is normal in a lot of people. I'm gunna say that its not that you're only happy when you are high, its that your current state of mind is sad but when high even when I am sad I find it hard as hell to not be happy, so you just happen to be happy to when you are high, which is also normal. So I guess two normals makes you one normal person, if you are worried of some major depression then just go see a psychiatrist, they are actually very nice people who help many other people so they know whats up with depression. I can say that I've gotten over my own depression with my own knowledge of psychology (my major) and with some smoking along the way which helps me open my mind. I've often wanted to try giving like a marijuana session to help people over come depression and things of that sort.
  10. Is the Herb doing you?


    Are you doing the Herb?

    Addiction is when you feel you cant live with out something.
    If weed is effecting your daily habbits.
    Are you always high. Do you find your self smoking at every chance you can get.

    Every hour or so wanting to get high. Smoke a bowl/joint. what ever.

    If you cant control your self. Then you maybe addicted mentally.
  11. nah sexy, smile and let everyone know it
  12. I think that it is appropriate to quote a friend of mine at this point:

    Its not an addiction unless you'd suck a dick to get it.

    Just ask yourself whether you'd suck a dick to get weed if you couldn't find any product any other way.

    The answer should be no, cause if you say you would, you're fucked up. (Not being homophobic, just seriously questioning ethical constructs)
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  13. yes you are addicted i suggest going to church and seeking a local pastor, he can cure you.
  14. Thanks for all the replies I think I might have a depression of some sort but I've been to a psychiatrist before and it didn't help idk what to do. But really thanks for the suggestions everyone
  15. Some people just aren't very happy even though nothing's wrong, I know this. It's also winter time, some people go into a winter depression, where they kinda go 'blank' when the weather is 'blank'. I know this happens to me.

    But I think this issue is much more then smoking weed; I think it comes to what is happy and what isn't in your life, and where you are.

    If your still in high school, then I wouldn't worry. High school is a bubble outside the real world were your incredibly limited in your world and you really can't pursue what you really want unless your very lucky.

    Graduated High School/Attending college then you might want to spend some serious time thinking about it, and maybe trying actively to do things that make you happy.
  16. No one can tell you if you are or not from a short paragraph. Go for a week without it, without it available, without being around it. If you can't stop thinking about it, then yeah, you may be addicted.

    I thought i might've been addicted, but I'm on a week vacation with the family, we had to take a plane so i couldn't bring anything, and a few days in and i don't really miss it. it'd be nice to have, but i'm not pissed or going crazy over it.
  17. As someone who has suffered from depression and anxiety for a long time, if therapy doesn't work the first time, keep looking until you find that one therapist who just kicks massive ass.

    I agree, are you doing the weed or is it doing you? take a break from it and see what happens.
  18. just smile,the world is funny.

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