Mom shattered her ankle

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  1. Graduated high school Friday, finally. I'm hanging out with friends when I get a frantic call from my mom that she broke her ankle. She stepped over a snowbank, slipped on ice and fell on her ankle. We rush to get her, lift her into the car and took her to the E.R. Long story short she shattered it completely in 3 places and now has a steel plate, 13 screws and a pin holding her ankle together. She'll have it for the rest of her life. Her ex-boyfriend broke up with her while we were on vacation a couple weeks ago, already has a new girlfriend and made his facebook status "karma's a bitch LMAO!!" She's got a million shitty things going on but I don't feel like typing it all out on my phone. She's having a real shitty year so far.
  2. smoke her a bowl ?
  3. I wish your mom a speedy recovery OP. It's too bad there are people in this world like your mom's ex. That kind of thing is just awful that he'd say that
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    I don't know what that would accomplish but I'm on probation anyway.

    Thanks for the kind words guys. I also forgot to mention she's ineligable for disability because she has depression and she's going to jail for at least 3-6 months for driving without a license multiple times. She got a 3rd OWI 3and a half years ago. It's just issue after issue for her lately.
  5. You gonna get facebook vengeance on the boyfriend?
  6. Uh, no. It just pisses me off that he would say something like that. He broke up with her because she wasn't satisfying him sexually, at least that's the way it appears. After all, he did try to fuck my best friend.
  7. your mom cant get any medication because of the depression? Fuck I cant stand how the government judges mental illnesses. You should have a talk with her about mj and see if shes interested or not. It could possibly help with some discomfort considering the government deems her unworthy of recieving the medication she needs...:mad:
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    No, she can't get disability checks because she's depressed. She was given 60x 10/325 endocets for the pain.I don't understand why depression means she can't get disability checks. I would like to sue the city for doing such a shitty job of plowing the roads. You have to step over 3-4 foot snow banks and onto ice just to cross the street.

    Edit: She can't smoke weed cause she's on probation. She has court on Friday. She was already on probation from her 3rd OWI 3 and a half years ago. She got arrested in August and September for driving without a license to buy my sisters school supplies. The judge wants to throw her in prison for 5 years for it.
  9. Fuck man I hope everything turns out okay.. you better contact a lawyer asap.:(
  10. She has a lawyer. We went to the Bahamas and Virgin Islands for vacation. In September she asked him if she needed permission to go. He said if she doesn't have a problem getting a passport not to worry about it. Well her ex-boyfriend called her probation officer and told her she was on a cruise. Probation officer leaves her a voicemail saying she needs to be at the sheriffs office by 6:30 that night to prove she's not. Now, thanks to fuckhead lawyer's bad advice she's in even more trouble. We're both fed up with this town completely.

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