Mom Says Shes Given Up On Me

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  1. [...]for smoking weed. She is so pathetically misinformed. She thinks it's up there with heroin. *Sigh* -_-  In the past 4 years, she's 'caught' me 4 times now. The first couple times I cried like I was diagnosed with cancer. :cry: Now I don't give a shit. :confused_2:
    I know it's not bad.
    I know I'm not a bad person for it.
    I don't even drive if I'm high or stoned.
    So this most recent time, she says "I don't know what you're going to do when the person who loves you the most gives up on you" I took that as her saying she gave up on me. Maybe she was just saying she's GOING to give up on me. She wants to cut me off insurance and stuff like that. I say, let her. I hate working, and her paying for this stuff has helped a lot, but I can and am willing to pay for it all myself.
    Then at least I won't have to hide it from her anymore. :metal: Haha.
    She actually said to me that ALL of my accomplishments didn't count anymore because I was smoking weed.
    What?!?! :blink:
    How does this make sense at all.
    Sometimes people really confuse me.
    I just wish I could change her mind about it. This is the government's fault. :angry:  Lol

  2. stop getting caught..
  3. And? If it bothers you don't talk to her. Move away, cut off all communication.
  4. yeah.. just don't get eh caught.. be eh veeerrry sneaky my freind. veerrrry sneaky.
  5. What?! I don't want to lose my mom because of weed. Granted, I don't want to lose weed because of my mom either. But she is my mother and sometimes we are very close
    It's still your mom, man. Your mom's more important than fucking weed..
    @ OP: Talk it trough or hide it better.
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    Then educate her.
  8. Sounds easy right. -___- Thanks for the advice.
    Don't you think if I could just "stop getting caught" by choice I would have a longass time ago?
    I would.
    I try.
    And each time, I get better at hiding it! But it's not easy.
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    Also don't bring your drugs in to her house.
    it is extremely easy to not get caught 4 times in 4 years. almost every weed smoker out there can probably say that they do not get caught once per year,
    I'm not putting one over the other.
  12. you'll be ok. if it comes up again just let her know that you are an adult (presumably) and you're gonna do it regardless; and that you would appreciate it if she didn't hold it against you. just try and avoid being high around her better.
  13. I've been trying. Any advice on that front?
    I've gotten some information from credible sources and plan to give them to her later, but the truth is that people will hear what they want to hear. They will think what they want to think. Which is precisely why we have so many damn people that believe there is a huge transparent head in the sky called God who controls everything and base their entire lives off of a book.
    It doesn't matter what I say to her...Or what a scientist says. She'll always have another excuse. *sigh* You can't change people's minds, man, they can only change their own minds.
  14. Granny has a huge list. If she ignores hundreds of medical links, I'd recommend a psychologist.
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    Print out a packet of mj/med mj facts via Storm Crow(Granny)

    Present her with the stack of factual info on why mj is not only not bad, but very beneficial. Tell her not to judge you again until she has learned something.

    Damn, ninja'd by ARP^
  16. Most people I know would beg to differ...I  know 4 times sounds like a lot but I have plenty of friends who have been caught many more times, as in 5 times in 2 months, which is worse than once a year.
    I don't know, the first few times were just from laziness and this last time was from a lack of good sense of smell and a TTTIIIIIINY bit of stupidity. <_< It happens......
    I honestly did not think she'd be able to identify the smell, and that the smell was not that bad. Oops. :unsure:
  17. Also, go outside. Find somewhere else to smoke other than your moms house. She could get into trouble for your mj in the house.

    If your not paying all the bills, then you have no say in smoking inside her house.
  18. The smell was on me, not coming from smoking in the house.
  19. The smell was on me, not coming from smoking in the house.
  20. My mom now considers my love for ganja and booze to be on par with her love for candy and sweets. Winning!

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