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  1. i still live with my mom and her boyfriend because i go to college in town.
    Her boyfriend and i smoke together a lot and even before me and him got along his uncle and brother are 3 and 1 years older than me respectively and we always smoked together before they went back to new orleans.

    My moms cool with it but she dosent like to think that all our money goes on weed so i suggested that i grew it in the closet. She agreed it was a good idea and volunteered to buy everything since i guess i would be growing weed for her dude and helping her stop him from buying weed or some shit.

    So a few questions i have are:

    Should I grow hydro or soil

    Whats the best setup in a fairly small to medium closet

    I cant think of anything else so anything i should know about growing herb. Im interested in lst but never really understood it but honestly i havent given it much of a look but...

    Also most likely ill be using cfl's so if you have anything about those that isnt in the cfl sticky then drop something if you could.
  2. You should start with soil.. You could make a very easy mistake and wipe out your whole crop in 12 hours with hydro. You probably need about a 400 watt hps, or an equivalent LED. Since it looks like you live in texas i would get the LED. It uses half the electricity and produces far less heat. Less heat means less air conditioning.. So you'd be using like 4 times less electricity. Check out You'd prob want the 84 pro-x, or the 126. If you really want to start getting weight scratch CFLS and buy a real light. You will have a ridiculously larger harvest and could pay off the light with half a cola off one plant. Get big pots, at least five gallons. And buy some seeds offline. Autoflowers or mostly indica preferably. If you want to get a quick crop turning you should start about half the amount of plants you can fit in the space and then start the second half when the first half is half done (Auto flowers only). This way you have a harvest twice as often. Or you could fill the room and have a smaller room using cfls to get them up to size before you throw them in the closet. With this two chamber method your yield will close to double.
  3. Another good trick if you want to switch from autos to regular photoperiod plants.. is to start a full batch of autoflowers and 3-4 weeks before they finish, put what will become a full round of full photos mixed in there somewhere.
  4. im starting out with bagseed so if i fuck something up it wont be as costly and really i dont think she'd be willing to shell out 500 plus to grow weed lol but i guess if me and my bro go half with her the led would be great. if not i know i'll probably need hella ventilation to keep my crops cool. i'll go checking around for other leds but if i cant i'll have to stick with the cfls.

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