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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Pot Geek, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. AHH! OMG! I knew I was caught!

    Okay, so I'm in my room here nursing a little bowl of weed (so much for waiting untl Nov. 2nd) and a cup of coffee. They go well together, if you're careful, it can cause big heart rate increase if you're not careful, though.

    Anyway... I'm puffin' a bowl in my room and mom knocks on the door. I tuck the bong in it's hiding spot and poke my eyes out the door. Mom says, "Get your nose out here, I smell something." Woah! Immeadately I knew I had been caught. So I started running through my head ideas like "it's just incense.. etc." but as I come trotting out she says "It smells like burning plastic, right here." And she was right, a certain spot in the middle of the floor smelled like burning plastic. So, I got out my detective nose and started sniffing around. I smelled O3 (Ozone) and figured there had to be something electrical in nature.

    After a minute of invstigation, I found a wall wort (one of those big power brick transformer thingies) plugged in and felt it and it was hot and it smelled like hot plastic. It wasn't connected to anyhting, so I unplugged it. Whew, was I relieved!
  2. I've had similar situations
  3. i would have shitmyself lol. my nose is a wee bit crooked, so no one relizes on me to smell things, I woulda been really caught and then kicked out
  4. fucking close one.
  5. Yeah, I never open my door when my parents come to my room because if I did smoke would pour out.
  6. i was at a party this one weekend and there was some amazing shti in town and it was a huge smoking party like throught the whole night i smoked like 15 bowls and when my mom came to pick me up and i got in the car she said it smelled like incents. mos def a very close call.
  7. why do you even risk smoking in your rooms whenever your parents are at home and you don't want them to catch you smoking pot, seems rather stupid.

    Just go outside, find a spot and smoke up or go to a friends house, anywhere.

    I would never dream of smoking in my room with my parents in the house, however a long time ago i used to smoke in the bathroom out the window whenever there was people in the house, the door was locked of course.
    But after my friend got caught smoking in his house it made me realise how stupid it is.

    Don't play with fire, you will get burnt.
  8. Nice, ur lucky
  9. I don't even have a door to my room. I just have a curtain that I can pull across the doorway so I can have a little privacy. Whenever I smoke, I just go outside in my back yard and do it.
  10. I smoke in my room all the time. Good thing i got my own place.

  11. Yeah, when I was young I COULDN'T WAIT to be in my own place so I could blaze wherever I wanted. I kinda miss the free rent and free food now though.
  12. thou are smart.
  13. Man that was close. My friend always smokes in his room when his parents are sleeping. And when Im at school smoking in my room (in the dorms) is the norm even though instead of Mom at the door its the 5-0. I bet my mom would totally smoke with me if I was older. In like 15 years Im going to try it.
  14. i don't know. that's rahter stupid thing to do really if the parents are home. i live in the flat, and every time when i want to smoke i call to my friend (he lives in the same block-house where i live) and then we got out or we go to my hall way. in the weekend it's alwais full of people, but in the evening's it's empty. just reload the bong and there it goes. i really amells very good after the smoking, for about couple of hours, but nobody in my hallvay know's that marijuana smells like :D
  15. My house is surrounded by an acre and a half of thick brush, so I just find a nice place to sit along a trail and let the bushes mask the smoke.

    I've thought about trying to smoke in my room before, but then I quicky realized how bad of an idea that is... I'm paranoid enough when I've just got it out in my room, period.

    It's a curse that the best stuff in the world has such a distinct, unmistakable smell.

  16. WTF? Are you me? lol holy damn (what?) that was weird.

    ...Don't mind me.
  17. First of all if one is under age one shouldn't be smoking in their mother's house.

    But In the situation I'm in ( me being sick with Hep C and my mother being a heart patient) And the fact that At this point in my life she is helping me raise my kids.

    The fact is I have been smoking weed for 30 years, I had to come to a clear understanding that I'm going to smoke weed and it's a fact that my mother will have to except. It's better that I smoke it at home, than go out on the streets and get busted.

    Of course My mother understands that this is medicine for me.

    If you are an adult you need to make the understanding that you are going to smoke cannabis and it better that you burn at home than go out on the streets and get arrested.

    Once that is clear it should clear up any paranoia in both parts.

    Anyway you know what you have to do.

  18. Man that is one close call there.
  19. that would have killed my high so bad but hten id just smoke again
  20. close call but i always remember in situations like this a spoof is your bestfriend

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