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  1. Hi city,

    This is a mom I've abandoned outside for various reasons after harvest in mid October, leaving only smaller buds, trying to avoid death.
    She suffered and been stunted by cold temp, many branches were rotting and the plant got a general brown/purple color. 3 days ago I went to the site and cut the rotting branches, cut about 50% of the roots to transport and fit in the new pot.

    Now is on 18 hrs of light under 400 watt HID, fertilized with Biobizz Root Juice and Leafcoat spray for a couple of days. I've washed the roots and decided to plant in a clean Biobizz Light soil. (Old medium was about 8.5 ph, because the water at the site was really alcaline) Now soil ph is about 5.5.

    From the color she already recovered a little, in fact she's slowly getting a green color from the brown/purple found at the site.

    Is there anything else you can suggest me to promote recovery and new sprouts? How long does it take to recovery and start sprouting again, in good conditions?
    Any nutes/diet suggestion? Actually I have all the Bobizz set

    I'll take a photo journal to share how the recovery goes


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