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Mom just walked outside and caught me smoking, should i feel bad?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 197774, May 7, 2011.

  1. Alright so i was just celebrating the Boston Bruins sweep over the Philly Flyers :hello::hello::hello::hello: and decided to go outside and smoke a fat joint of some dank, cause it would just make everything even better.

    so i bring my dog outside and stayed outside with it but went under my deck to smoke the j. so 5 minutes into the j (id smoked a little over half the joint) my mom comes outside onto the deck and yelled my name. i kind of paused for a second cause i knew i was caught but then i said what. and then all she said was 'oh my god are you serious?' and so i admitted to it and came out from under then deck, and explained to her that I was celebrating the HUGE win and it was just a joint.

    She just looked at me and said, 'that is so disrespectful. you shouldnt be doing that. come inside'. so i put out the joint on my shoe (kept it obviously) and went inside and then we kind of had a conversation but i completely forget what was said cause im completed blazed but it wasnt really a bad conversation but she sound frusterated.

    SHould I feel bad that she caught me cause i kind of feel bad for making her frusterated after a real hard day at work for her? or i am i just completely blazed???
  2. At least it wasn't the ol' fap fap
  3. Looks like you answered your own question buddy.
  4. Her house, her rules
  5. #5 Habbi, May 7, 2011
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    Naw fuck that shit. Keep tokin yo dont feel bad about getting caught everyone gets caught eventually and what are you doing wrong? Marijuana is better then cigerettes and if anything it helps you!
  6. meh sucks, my mom caught me a few times when i was in high school and shit, always got the lecture, felt bad, i was at her house the other day though and there was something on TV about medical marijuana, and she busted out something along the lines of "man, i wish it was legal, i'd smoke a joint in the evenings like when i was young" lol i just kinda half laughed, she knows i toke, but after the lectures she's given me over the years about it, i could never smoke with her lol.. dad though, that's a completely diff story, toked with him plenty of times...
  7. No you shouldn't feel bad. Her negative reaction is the result of her misguided and ignorant positions on weed. My mother was insanely upset the first time she caught me in high school (the others times to a lesser extent), like crying for days afterward, and yeah I felt bad but I knew rationally that if she would maybe open her mind and consider things from my view or god forbid try it herself she would see that it really isn't harmful or anything to get upset over. It was her ignorant "drugs are bad" opinion that caused her to be upset. I didn't feel bad for her having a stupid opinion that caused her to become upset over a completely trivial action. You will feel bad, but deep down it's really her own fault that she feels bad.
  8. I hope youre joking
  9. Ha I never got caught by my mom, but I got caught
    by someone else's mom. LOL! So much better than
    my own.

    She was supposed to be gone on a camping trip he told
    me. But there she is, walking right from her garage to her
    son standing right outside the backdoor.

    Mom: "No marijuana when you move back in. Do you understand?
    Do I make myself clear...I'm serious."

    Friend: "Alright alright okay."

    *turns to me*

    Mom: "How are you? I haven't seen you in forever! You look good."


    Also, don't disrespect your mom. It's her house, her rules. Plain
    and simple. I mean come on, Mother's Day is coming, have some

  10. Honestly don't think so.
  11. Hahahaha........the ol fap thatss funny!
  12. Dude should of asked her is she wanted a hit. She would of been on it.
  13. Sad...
  14. Feel bad because your mom drank the anti-weed kool aid. That's more sad than the fact you got caught.
  15. I feel as though parents don't really care about health reasons when it comes to pot. It's more the question of "what if" my son or daughter gets caught. To me, that's a reasonable concern. Yes, weed should be legalized, but it's not (for most of us). Therefore, every time you smoke or even have bud on you, you're engaging in illegal activity. I think this worries parents more than anything else. Explain to her your habits, and who knows, maybe she'll have nothing to worry about. But otherwise, it's just one more thing for her to think about while she tries to sleep at night.
  16. [ame=]YouTube - 7th heaven pot smoking episode HILARIOUS![/ame]

    you should feel like that
  17. #17 As Above So Below, May 7, 2011
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    I think parents should encourage smoking at home compared to going out with friends. When I blaze with my friends it's always hard to find a nice "safe spot", but when I'm at home, toking at 12-2am, how the fuck am I going to get caught??? Or at least the chances are reduced significantly! I feel reallyyy safe when I'm at my house blazing. I almost hate blazing when I'm not at my house because I don't have that sense of security. My opinion at least! Would your mom rather you toke at home and not get caught or toke with your friend and possibly get that dreaded call from the police?

    Then again I am a little tipsy, so w/e :laughing:

    Edit: My mom's even told me that she hates it when I smoke with my friends AND when I'm at the house, but she'd rather me be smoking at night when no ones up because at least then she doesn't have to worry about my getting caught (although I've never been caught :D)

  18. thats the longest burning j ever
  19. You just need to get her High. She will notice what she has been missing out on all these years.
  20. The other day my mom caught me outside and I was like oh shit and tried to hide the j, she made me give it to her, after about a minute of looking at it she complimented the rolling job took my lighter, sparked it took a few tokes and left

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