mom just talked to me BAKED!!!

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  1. i smoked some blunts with my freinds and my mom called me to come home early today. i was so baked and my eyes were merked and she was talking to me. i was so baked and she was like
    "Son i know your 18 now but your friends r real important, some you just gotta cut loose.. and i heard your hanging out with weird people.."

    me: "What do you mean weird?"

    Mom: "nevermind its just dont hang out with people with no benefits. cut them loose"

    me: "Ok can i go upstairs"

    mom: "Your going to college and stuff... please . and son is anything wrong?"

    me: no..?'

    mom: "I hear weird stuff from parents..."
    "i wanna trust you"

    "Dont smoke weed right"? PRomise me you dont smoke weed"

    me: i promise and pinky swear

    mom: "i trust you but its hard after hearing ti from parents so many times".

    me: ok

    alrighjt so that happend while iwas stoned. I mean idk how she caught me... Theres no evidence and i dont know any freinds parents that would tell.. Why is she doing this shit to me man...
  2. Her evidence is in your first two sentences.
  3. people talk bro. I had the same situation with my parents because my parents are the kind that talk to everyone and get involved in the community and whatnot.

    Just deny, deny, deny, but most importantly - BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL for the next month or so. I don't mean stop burning if you don't want to, but just try to burn less or not be high in public or etc. Trust me, that's how I got caught a few times by my parents.

    Sorry if this didn't make much sense - I'm on another substance that I can't name on this website >_>
  4. What. Lame.
  5. did she tuck you in and read you a story afterwards?
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  6. awwh fuck dude that sucks, i have three friends whose moms are like all super close friends with each other, and a few years ago one of them got caught and of course that kids mom called both of their moms.. :eek:

    it was so lame
    so i feel your pain
    your mom doesn't seem like too big of a freak though, seems to be concerned about you. but i dunno i cant say for sure i don't know her

    probably shouldn't have pinky promised with her by the way kinda sketch well it made me laugh :smoke:
  7. by reading the title of your thread, i thought your mom was the one who was baked.
  8. Say what you will about the beatings and emotional abuse. My mum never snitched not even to other parents lol.

  9. Hahahaha me too! How awesome would that have been?
  10. [quote name='"TinTizzy"']did she tuck you in and read you a story afterwards?[/quote]

    That ^

  11. This ^
  12. I see you have set some time aside to humiliate yourself in public today, OP.
  13. Yes! Me too! I was like SWEET!

  14. And then you were like

  15. Should of looked her straight in the eye and said "Mom, obviously I smoke weed. Look at my eyes. It's about time you and your generation grew up and stopped living in your superstitious reality. Marijuana is becoming an increasingly accepted aspect of society. We don't live in the Reefer Madness era anymore."

  16. In which she would reply like this:

    As I said this to her, her eyes looked like they were enraged with the heat of four-hundred billion suns, her voice sounding like that of a male Lion, roaring for his territory. "Dope is fucking horrible! It kills your brain cells and it makes you fucking stupid!"
  17. Yes. Pout. :(

  18. Is it MDMA?

  19. When you reply with, "At least it's fun while I'm doing it."

  20. Then she'll reply like this:

    As I finished my counter-argument, she sighed and looked me in the eye, she was growing weary of having this argument with me, and I could tell she knew in her heart that I was correct, however the propaganda implemented in her brain like a cancerous cell was destroying her very sense of judgement. "Son, you know drugs are bad, and you know that dope leads to harder drugs, right?!"

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