Mom is pissed at me... telling me she hates me?

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    Sup guys, well recently I moved in with my mom because my dad had kicked me out over pot... i've only been here for a few months, and she is screaming at me currently, telling me I don't contribute and that she wants me out. She has been ripping my computer cables, pulling at my headphones, etc. It's become more physical. She's trying to humiliate me by calling my ex, etc.

    I'm 18 so it's a little unrealistic to kick me out...right? I only have 25,000 dollars in my name. Is this something to get me started?

    Should I live by myself? It kinda sucks that both my parents are trying to kick me out, and now all I have is my future money.

    Now what should I do? Is it time to grow up? I'm pretty confused
  2. Might have to get a minimum wage job, and a small place for yourself, and try to think of what you are passionate about.
  3. I have a passion for weed, but my mom hates that. I already have a job. She's calling me a dopehead, etc.
  4. Get ya mum stoned, they say it's good for the womens monthly's

  5. Find some friends to move in with and share an apartment. Get drunk and invite girls over every night. It's way better than living with the parentals.
  6. fuck that bitch and get your own place. No disrespect.

    not smoke weed.:eek:

    lol tried that with brownies and she freaked out. :p
    good memorys:)
  7. 25,000?? you'll be straight dude..
  8. there are lots of people looking for roommates, all you have to do is move in and make sure they are 420 friendly, try craigslist

  9. This this this this this.
  10. Move out man.
  11. It's possible, hard work and rational decisions.

    But the key is to spend that 250000 or you'll be in a deep hole. So invest that money right.
  12. It's not unrealistic to tell you to move, you're 18 and working, why should they still be taking care of you?
  13. lmao 25 grand??? i dont even know what to say....your set? and who cares just prove her worng by being successful
  14. The thing is, I don't have my license just yet and that's ALL of my money to my name. That's all my money.

    Yeah, moving out to Colorado seems like a good place.

    She is very drunk right now though, by the way.
  15. I have a great mobile home on a half acre wooded lot in Florida 40 mi from Disney I'll let you have for 25K....

  16. okay im sorry but most of us probably odnt even have 100$ to our names.

    your fucking set dude. like literally. if i had that amount id already haved moved out to arcata, ca, gotten myself an apartment and done my thing until i found a job.

    your set to do that pretty much where you please.

    EDIT: ya dude move out here, its fucking great

  17. All the money I had to my name was not even a third of what you have when I moved out at the age of 19. It helps to have a job to keep bringing in the money. If you can manage your money you can still save while being a working independent individual, which is obviously the next step in life.
  18. I feel like smoking 3 joints in her house right before I leave and write her a note...

    "Enjoy your freshly hot-boxed house, bitch"
  19. Damn guys, she is really serious about me leaving. What do I do?
  20. holy shit, are you dyslexic?

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