Mom Has Son Arrested For Stealing Her...poptarts?

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  2. Excellent use of the public taxpayers money! Good Job MURICA!!!
  3. The police should have refused to get involved. 
  4. and the mother has probably never paid her taxes.
  5. I'm surprised the police even responded to this..
    They should have arrested her for dialing 911 over fucking poptarts...
  6. This was ridiculous. I mean, try being a parent and guiding your child rather than acting like a child yourself and throwing a tantrum over a box of freakin' pop tarts.
    How embarrassing. 'MURICA!
  7. All kinds of special right here. I personally might have called if my Toaster strudel was stolen, but never Poptarts.
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    What a fucked up country. 
    If she had raised her kid right, he wouldn't be stealing from her and now this is societys problem? lol
  9. It's hardly stealing for a kid to eat food that his parent bought. That's a parents job to feed their kids. Like the woman said in the video, her kids eat shit they shouldn't all the time but they are kids, it's what they do. I'm sure I ate stuff that my parents bought for themselves many times as a kid. They might have told me "what the hell, that was mine" but never punished me for it let alone call the cops.

  10. Bitches be trippin

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    That's it Politics at GC has been redeemed hahahahahaha.
    "ALL HE WANTED WAS A POP-TART!" haha fuckin kids.
  12. only in murica! although i know someone who arrested their daughter, its a long story but basically her daughter took her dog for ransom!
    Judging by her appearance, all the food in the household is hers.
  14. Why would the cops even respond to that call?  Much less arrest a person, lol
  15. Don't see a problem.
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  17. Haha that's funny, but stupid as well. Whata bitch

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