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Mom has insomnia. How can I bring up Marijuana up?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xDS, May 7, 2011.

  1. We live in VA so dispensaries are out the question.. She was arguing with her bf about her not sleeping and insomnia.. I really don't know her views on weed since every time I talk about it, she changes the subject. How can I get her to at least try without exposing myself? Also she did say she smoked once, idk if she liked it.
  2. Don't MAKEh er try it, but bring up that marijuana is a very good alleviater of insomnia. Also, where in VA?
  3. "Yo, Mum, put down that warm milk, and brandy, it don't do shiiiiit...Here toke some of this and it'll be away with the faeries before you know it!" :smoke:

    Or not...

    Just bake some edibles, give one to her seeing as you are a kind and generous child. Then tell her what was in it when she wakes up :devious:

    Or not...

    Or just have a calm, adult discussion about the benefits of edibles as a form of sleep aid, don't even tell her that she needs smoke as that often just puts people off. :D

    (Delete as necessary)

    Just please, for the love of god, don't go and show her the Union and expect her to have an epiphany :rolleyes:
  4. There are drugs for this.
  5. dont, just bake for her
  6. Say you were looking up treatments for insomnia online and you think she should go to the doctors about it to get a medical card (if your in a medical state).
  7. Cut holes in all her bras right where the nipples are
  8. He's not as aforementioned.
  9. Ahh, sorry. I skim read the post. No idea how I missed the first sentence.
  10. and the award for most :confused: post of the day goes to...


  11. Haha no shit eh? If I actually had a real medical problem weed wouldn't do shit, I do that everyday lol
  12. There are, marijuana is one. It would/might, actually, but keep smoking.

    I'm in the same boat as you.:smoke:
  13. I tried... Nearly exposed myself... She said no and asked if I smoked and blah blah.. I told her no and told her what people use it for medical purposes. She just said no and walked out. Oh well :/.
  14. "I heard that one of the reasons people want marijuana legalized is for people with insomnia, mom. Just a suggestion."

    That'll do it

    Whoops. Didn't read all the comments..
  15. My Mom is the same that sucks really maybe bake her some firecrackers from time to time without telling her whats in it :p
  16. MJ is such a good solution for insomnia.

    But honestly, I'd just not introduce her to it. If she starts relying on it to sleep, then it's REALLY going to suck later on.

    I haven't had any the past two maybe 3 hours sleep tops the first night, and about an hour last night.
  17. bring it up in some special coffee/tea or edibles

  18. .....I showed my mom the union and she had a pretty damn big epiphany. LOL :smoke:

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