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mom found my stash!!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by popers111, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. ok so my mom left for a meating for 2 hrs and i go to smoke a little and i hide all my stuff in a cabnet inside a cabnet (kinda confusing i know) but inside the first cabnet all my stuff was inside a big plastic bag i know she found it so what do i do!!!

    i am 18 i just live at home for the summer.
  2. Confront her, let her know you do it at your own home and all she's doing is costing you money? She may have taken it because she can get in trouble for having it on her property.
  3. sorry but thats not it
  4. Well, whats not it?
  5. Stop hiding illegal drugs in your parents abode. It's rude. :smoking:
  6. Your mother is naughty!!! Naw in all seriousness she will most likely yell at you and then it will be over, just take it like a man you got caught.
  7. I love meatings.

    I usually try to keep my meat clean at meatings.
  8. #8 The_genius, Aug 20, 2008
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    I'd suggest finding a better place for your in your room in a place that's inconspicuous like inside a film canister thrown in a drawer with random junk thrown around in it.

    Good luck if she found it. Who knows, parents have this way of suprising us with herb because contrary to popular belief and what they let on to us younger generation, most of our parents have tried it in their life times. If she's not cool with it, than try to keep it out of site and off her mind if it's in the house, and try not let her see you do it. Now that she's found your pot than she knows you smoke it. Be respectful and keep it on the down low. My parents still aren't comfortable with me smoking cigarettes, so I don't do it around them or in view of them. Just be cool about it. You may catch hell, but if you like the canabis lifestyle than keep a part of your life...not hers. Be cool and good luck with your mom, I mean that, I've been in the same situation.

    The Genius
  9. ok she got back and hasent confronted me, and she dident find my weed she found my bongs and grinder.
  10. Good answer why didn't I think of that lol + rep

  11. Yeah that will work I'm sure... How much of this thread consists of under 18 posts?
  12. When i got caught by my mom she just told me lease do it responsible and be safe with it cuz wen she was my age (17-18) she did it to. But even tho she knows i smoke i be respectful and keep it away from her as tho she still didnt know. We still have little talks bout weed tho every now and then. :D
  13. This is kinda the same thing that im in. Like my grandparents would kick me out if they found my stash. I have told them i smoke but until they actually see me smoke it, to them they just live in denial. So i just hide my shit around the house. I even made a special pocket at the bottom of the curtain that I can stash shit in and it looks like a curtain with nothing there.
  14. dont worry till she says something. Maybe your mom just needed something to smoke her stash with? she'll put it back later.
  15. still hasent talked to me about it, she caught me a while back, i think she is just testing me to see if it was from a long time ago or now.
  16. Well if she hasn't talked to u bout it just let it go be happy and just hope it can be a secret between u 2 ohh and dont get caught a second time BLAZE RESPONSIBLY!!:smoking:
  17. that sucks...but like someone said, just take it like a man.
  18. Steal her car and take it to a chop shop. That'll teach her.
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  19. your old enough, just tell her that your an adult, that its your life, and that your sorry you kept it in her house and that you'll never stash shit in her house again. that's what i'd want my kids to tell me, hopefully she'll understand

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