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Mom found my plant!!!........

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sir.TokeAlot, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Well today iwas helping my mom around the house trying to earn a lil extra cash to take my lady out next weekend. Well anyways, i had a seed tha i plante about 4 days ago in a make-shift pot made from a water bottle with some Miracle Grow Seed Starting Mix. I went out back to take out a broken chair and she followed me.......she saw my plant (which was right below my window and is about a 1/2 inch to an inch above the soil right now) She walks over to it and the conversation goes like this

    "What's this?"
    "A plant....."
    "What kind of plant?"
    "A growing plant......"
    ".....It better not be a pot plant"
    "Damnit!.....what if the gardeners see it?!?!"
    "They better not try to take it.....ill be pissed!"
    "......uuuggghhh.......just make sure no one finds it....."
    "Well if it's a male i'll trash it....and i'll find a spot to grow it if it's female :D"

    :D:D:D YEA!!!! She's letting me keep it!! hahaha she's cool with me smoking and all, and when i leave my bong out in my room and stuff she'll stash it in my closet, so it's not like it was a bad thing....just didn't think she'd be so cool with me growing hahaha

    And BTW my "chill zone" is the area on the side of my house where i have a bunch of lawn chairs and a fold out table and im gonna be making a fire pit back there also gonna be putting a wall to kinda block it off soon so its a lil more private....ill gte pics when its cleaned up hahaha there's so much junk back there right now froom random drunks nights of bringing random shit home lol (have some fire extinguishers, some traffic cones/posts, and some other shit)
  2. Haha, lucky son of a gun.

    Wish my mom was that chill. I still keep some of my shit at home for when I visit on an occasional weekend. If she sees it, she raids it and trashes it.
  3. Ya thats sweet she is letting you keep it
  4. folks aren't even that cool. They never gave a shit when I smoked but would cut my head off if they saw me growing.
  5. Hahaha thats kinda what i expected.....i thought id be fucked for sure...but obviously she's cooler with it than i thought...

    And it turns out my dad smokes behind our back haha what a dick, always giving me shit about it when i was younger and it turns out he was going through his best friend who always called me up for buds hahaha, so he was smoking the same shit as me! :smoke: I'll be sure to have a grow journal on here if it turns out to be a female, i didnt even expect it to sprout!! lol i don't know anything about the seed except its ONE out of the 60-70 i got from my dealer.....alot look immature, but there are more mature ones in there.....
  6. Lucky Bastard. My mom won't even let me smoke, nevermind growing. Well whatever. I still smoke.
  7. she'll probably make you share when you harvest :p
  8. Is there anybody who's older than 16 on this site anymore? Haha, just kidding. Living with your parents is chill, free rent is king in the world of cash. Good luck with your plant. I would of sprouted a couple so you have atleast one female for sure. Either way, I wish my parents had been that chill. I tried to grow a couple times when I lived with my parents, but they always found them and were like: Why are you growing something illegal in our house... and it'd be hard to argue, since it's their house and they're responsible for everything in it. If I were you I'd wait to grow till you move out, just out of respect for your parents, They might be chill with it, but honestly they don't know what they're getting themselves into. The DEA is out of control these days, you're better of just buying your sacks and blazing to yourself. But that's just my opinion,

  9. Nice, be careful. cool mom. make a private green house if you plant in the backyard or something. take a normal shed of anysize and replace the whole roof or just the area where your plant is with plexi glass or other duriable transparent material to grow naturaly and privately. it has worked for me in the past.
  10. Hahahaha yea, free rent is the shit, especially when your out of a job :( That's the main reason i'm growing, is so i could blaze when i harvest, but until then i'm scarce on bud cause my money is going towards food and stuff. I only started one plant cause
    1. I didnt even think it would sprout.
    2. I didn't think they'd be cool with ME growing, i held a plant for a few days for a friend so i knew they were semi-cool with it....
    3. I just wanted to see how far i could get on my own hahaha

    BTW i AM over 16 hahaha (19, to be exact....)

    And Snake, i do plan on making a greenhouse/grow area in my "Chill Zone" which i kinda sorta explained i think i'll be pretty safe, thanks for the tips though!!

    and iwearpants, i would not mind her making me share hahaha in fact if she blazed (already offered it to her multiple times, she doesn't :() i'd leave her nugs all day hahaha

    Thanks to all for viewing.....when my browser starts working properly i'll post a shot i got with my phone, and a macro shot of the baby leafs.....
  11. Sorry if this is a little off-topic, but

    If your 19 and your parents still let you live at home without any rent, and are cool with you smoking, as well as growing marijuana, why were you making her pay you to help around the house?
  12. I wasnt making her pay me, she offered to pay me for helping her around the house cause she knows i'm tight on money, she's just being a cool she's got 2 other boys and a lazy ass dad to clean up after, so she just wanted help and offer to pay me for it, even though i would have done it for free, not only that but its not like i got 50 bucks out of her hahaha i only got 20 for a decent amount of work....but it was well worth it
  13. my mom is exactly like that. she just says, make sure noone knows and becareful.
  14. Hahaha yea, i love my mom, she's fucking awesome....i'm gonna try to sell a couple g's of it IF it's female so i can pay her back....sorta hahaha. and once i find a fucking job and get my car fixed i'm gonna help with hers....

    Anyways, here's a couple pics of my baby. The first one is from my phone at 2 days. The second is a macro of it at 6 days.



    BTW, if you were wondering, that IS a water bottle. It was one of those big sports ones, i cut it so it's about 7 inches deep...started it off in miracle grow seed starting soil.....which i think i mentioned already
  15. Lets swap moms
  16. I wanna see pics of this chill spot.
  17. Hahaha keep dreamin doobie_asgtray!! :p

    And killah, i'll try to get pics up of this spot, it's not like i described it atm cause i kinda tore it apart to kill a bunch of black widows, but you'll get the basic idea of's not gonna look clean at all btw hahaha so don't be expecting a hella nice, tidy chill spot :p

    EDIT: just went out and snapped a few shots with my phone.....this is nothing like what it's going to look like once i get all the spiders cleared out and alot of the junk out....


    And incase you were wondering....all the wood is my old futon framew, and the vaccum is broken and just sitting out there.....i have no clue why hahahaha
  18. same here.
  19. I wish I had a mom like yours. :( Looks like a sick place to hang out at and smoke.
  20. haha that looks like it could be entered for redneck yard of the week on blue collar tv but looks like a tight place to chill sucks about the spiders though

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