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Mom found my bubbler :)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ThreeEleven240, May 7, 2004.

  1. Soo yesterday my mom went through my book bag becae my parents are gay like that and i had my bubbler that i had bought the week before (which i will post pictures of and its name is Gandalf) and the bubbler was its bubble wrap. So i came home from "work" or actually smokin with my friends and she was like i found this and she had it so i told her it was my friends bubbler and i had it because her mom was searching her stuff and she didn't wanna get in trouble. So i yelled at her and made her feel bad for thinkin i would smoke (case i have them so convinced i would never smoke but yet i smoke about a 1/16 a day lol) and i told her i am 18 and about to move out so she extended my curfew to 1. Then i told her that i would call "ricki" and have her come pick it up casue that is whose i said it was. So i called my friend matt and had him come pick it up and keep it for me for the weekend. Also i convinced her to not tell my dad. lol but it was scary at first and then i took control and i was high the whole time. haha gotta hate the parents
  2. WOW, your really made that situation turn for the best, nice work!... your 18, you shouldnt even have a curfew haha
  3. yeah, getting in trouble with parents over weed aint worht it, just lie and get it over.
  4. NO NO NO!!! Lying is bad!!!! Especially to your parents! I stopped lying to my parents when I was like 5-6. I only occasionly lied about stuff like, who I was gonna be with or stupid shit like that. If you aren't open and honest with your own fucking parents...who can you be honest with? And, if you really are 18 (Not saying you aren't...I'm 19 and I just moved back in with my parents, so that isnt why) tell them that you are an adult now and can make your own decisions. I really doubt they will kick you out (They might...but :p) They will probably just tell you not to do it while you are living under their roof. (So, just dont do it in the house) You will lose their trust at first (Cuz it sounds like you've been lying about it for a while) but then you will regain their trust even moreso because you told the truth. I don't know about you, but I don't like lying to anyone, specially my parents. I was relieved when my parents found out I smoked...cause guess what? When they did, I found out that they do it too!
  5. dude wtf you have a curfue?!?!
  6. i'm guessin a moderator put that "18" in.. cause.. if you got a curfew at 18.. just.. bwahaha... and to think, before, just very recently, the curfew was some time before 1... heheh.
  7. I got asked by my parents and I told em straight up, I told them why too, and that im reasponsible with it, then they told me they smoke up too this was when I was like 14 though!, I dont lie to my parents cause they arent anal like alot of other parents , like when I was 12 I remember teachers phoning home because of stupid shit not marks but stupid shit and my parents always sided with me, lol the teachers were always so shocked, lol, the point of the story is exactly what "punks not dead" said man you shouldnt lie to your parents, if you lie to your parents who do you not lie to ???
  8. nice dude...u slipped out of that one. My mother found my piece a few days ago and shits hittin the fan...
  9. 6 year old thread basically lmao.
  10. just wait till she finds it again...then what:confused::eek:
  11. Well, the OP will probably still be in trouble, because reading over his post, he probably still hasn't turned 18...:D

  12. na it's probably going to be nick's bong:D
  13. Why the fuck would you briing back a thread that happened 6 years ago!:eek: Probably didn't even notice.:wave:
  14. Seriously you'r 18. And they give you a curfew? Thats a little lame, you should be able to do as you wish when you turn 18. If you have a job and you'r doing what you'r suppossed to be doing than talk to your parents and tell um "look im 18 now, I have a job im doing my own thing why do I still have a curfew? atleast that's how it worked for me while I still lived at my mom's place.
  15. well he's about 24 years old now so maybe hes moved out or something.
  16. Posting in an epic 6 year old thread.

  17. you cant lie to your parents for ever, anyone who smokes without having their parents no is bound to get caught. it just doesnt happen that a highschool kid will smoke for 4 or 5 years without getting caught at least once.
  18. Whhhhhoooops
  19. dude wtf you're over 18 and you can't spell curfew?!?!
  20. Hahahahahahahahhahah 6 year old thread. how the fuck did you find this??

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