Mom found my bag

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  1. So i just got home from work today and i was talking to my mom and she says " I found something of yours that came out in the laundry today", and i already know its either gonna be my bowl or a bag of like .5 of mids. So she pulls out my bag and she tells me how they she was talking with my dad about whether they should give it back to me or not and they decided it might be all i have left so she gave it back. Pretty hilarious conversation, i said thanks but i probably wont smoke it i have more and this is kindof gross and wet.

    My mom already knew i smoked she just never actually saw any of my buds or pieces, im thinking about showing her my bong and asking her to take a rip


    i dont think she could handle it

  2. That's a nice piece.
  3. do it, i wanna see what she says
  4. lol, I have been wanting to ask my mom to take a rip out of my bong too. I don't think she could handel it either. She would probably just pass out anyways.
  5. she probably would think you are a drug addict
  6. Ask her to take a small hit only, She'll probably agree if its not too much.
  7. Don't make your mom the first person to die smoking weed.....

    That bong looks like it might kill her.
  8. I would do it, I had my mom take her first bong rip with me like 6 months ago... She had no idea how to take one, and didnt create suction so the air just poured through the sides of the mouth hole...but she still got a hit cuz I had milked it for her.... It was a cool experiance.
  9. "that might be all he has left"

    lol wtf....
  10. I like how they were considerate :p

    haha They give it to you thinking it might be all you have left, instead of taking it so you couldn't do it for a little. :p
  11. how old are you 35!?!?! get a job... smoke weed, you dummy... dont abuse, and make your mom smoke... get a job, move out, and no more worries... gosh... learn to whipe your own a$$ too...
  12. MOM " All you care about is getting your fix, your a addict. all you like to do is get high, isn't that right? You spend half your paycheck and then some on weed"

    Me " Mom i don't get high, i stay high, And quite frankly i love marijuana. And if you do not like that, Think of this. I like marijuana cause it makes me think clearly and helps my ADD. If you do not like that, Then i think your drugs you do are way more harmful. Even Caffiene is more harmful, and At least it makes me giggle, Unlike your ciggs , It's my choice, not yours and i act in a mature way"

    Mom "......... Alright point made"

  13. Fixt.
  14. man i love your wallpaper sooooo much dont ever let em change it. one day you'll be in that bathroom and shit will be poppin off on those walls, and you'll be like wow, that one dude on the forum was right
  15. My mom hit mine and was fine. She smokes cigs though.
  16. HA trust me i know, i was tripping on L at my house one time and i spent awhile in the bathroom getting some CRAZY visuals
  17. And how doesnt she se that thing :eek:. I mean, It's pretty big :rolleyes:.
  18. About the weed- do a water cure on it! If by some odd chance you don't know how- You need a glass jar, a weight (I use a small jar lid and marbles) and water. Just put the pot in the jar, weight it down and cover with water. After 24 hours pour off the water and fill again. Repeat the process 4 to 7 times (until the water is coming off clean). The detergent will be gone by the time you're done. You will have the smoothest smoking weed ever- not too much taste, though. THC is not water soluble, so there is no loss of potency!

    About Mom, pot has a number of medical uses, does Mom have a touch of arthritis? PMS? Migraines? Cancer run in the family? Does she fear Alzheimer's? She will have an easier time accepting cannabis use if there is a "valid medical reason" for it. Check the link in my sig- I'm sure you find something useful!

    And if she says "No, thank you." Leave it at that. If you push it, she may resist. Just wait- she knows it's there. Be patient.

    Granny :wave:
  19. do it.

    she'd be stupid to refuse. :rolleyes:

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