mom cleaned my room today..

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  1. so my mom came in and did a little "dusting and fixing up" of my room and everything is completely disorganized.... my dad lives in MD and he comes home every once in a while cause he works in MD and he always wants the house to be spotless yadda yadda

    so pretty much i had out a medicine bottle that is about a quarter full of keif, my grinder, and a little white box that i use to keep roach weed in, litterally just in my room cause she never goes in

    so im thinking great once in i get in my room like all the shit in my room is gonna be gone... and then my mom says from the hallway

    "yeah i was trying to clean a few things up and i found some stuff that im not quite sure of what it is or if it was important, but i left it in ur room, make sure u get rid of it before ur father gets home" in the chillllllllest way

    and i was like oh yeah thanks for not throwing it out and just walked back in my room and found the grinder box and medicine capsule all on top of my dresser haha
  2. Damn your mom is chill.
  3. If that had been my mom, she definitely would have ganked my shit. xD

  4. hahaha that suckss good thing i dont have to worry about that :) she some how managed to destroyed my roor i just realized... i went to hit it and the fuckign down tube is smashed, and its stuck so i cant get it out :(
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    Reminds me of the time I first got caught. She was "cleaning" my room, and found all my shit. Got it back the next day. She knows I smoke, and wouldn't take my shit, but she isn't for it at all. One time she actually thought that weed was addictive.
  6. HAHAHAHAHHAHA SO SHE KNEW???? OMFG THATS SOOOO COOOL MY DAD used to be a huge pot head... so he like knows exactly what it is

  7. haha well im guessing she knew what it was cause she said just make sure its gone by the time ur father cmoes home, so she has an idea

    she used to smoke back in the old day and im actually almost 100)% sure she would rather me smoke pot the become and alcoholic like my dad brother and sister are and thats just in my immediate family
  8. yeeahh well lets see...

    my dad normally knows everything... but right now i have a 8th in a homemade stash can...

    and then i kept some dank in a lip balm thing a blistex... and my dad just thought it was blistex!!! HAHAH HE GOT ALL MY SHIT BUT MY WEED haha.. but all i got was a pack of cigs... papers... wraps.. and a pair of sharp scisorrs.

  9. hahaha yeah ive found my dr.pepper stash can in the fridge, at least 5 times hahaha she just doesnt get it yet
  10. My mom would have smoked all my shit out of my bowl if she found it. Pretty weird story. Make some brownies and offer them to your mom.;)
  11. My mom would have never said anything about it and the whole time it would be stashed in HER room.
  12. hahaha thats sickk i want to get my mom to smoke but she prob wont

    ive brought it up jokingly and shes just like oh i would never do that stuff again all it did was make me have a headache

    any ways of convincing a parent thats chill to smoke i would love to hear haha
  13. she probably rolled up a J why she was chill about it :smoke:
  14. Hope you gave her a BIG hug and told her "Thanks for understanding".

  15. haha i totally would have but some how she destroyed my roors downtube, and the base, and the tube is stuck so its fucked lol, so i figured that she did some good and some bad at the same time

    either that or she noticed she fucked my bong and thought i would get pissed if she took my weed, and broke my bong lolol
  16. Get a torch from Walmart/Lowe's/Home Depot, heat up the outside and voilà! the tube will come out!

  17. hahaha seems like a little bit to much for a bong that ive been disgusted with for the past few months anyway.... some idiot thought it would be a good idea to put rice in it to clean it and the rice got stuck in the percs and hasnt come out :( hate that fucking thing lol probably going to get a new one on my birthday cause i get a fat check from a settlement i had from 5th grade lol

  18. 5th grade? :confused:

    That must have been long ago!

    Did you have an accident back then?

  19. haha yeah i know its weird and i did have an accident.... i moved to NY from Maryland at the end of the summer and literrally like 3 days after i started school this shit happened....

    so its the end of the day and im walking to my bus and i remember that the drivers would stand outsdie their car with a flag, and mine was color orange.... well i looked and color orange wasnt there so i just kinda stood in the front of the school and waited...

    this guy walks up with this german sheppard (theres a huge sign right on the sidewalk that says NO DOGS) and i love dogs so i immediately walk up to the guy and start asking him stuff about the dog, its name, how old it was, blah blah

    and then i was like oh is it okay if i pet him and he was like oh yeah sure she loves attention

    soon as i bend over to pet the dog it fucking leaps at my face and tears my nose open and a cut on my forehead also ( that thing chomped me )

    ended up having to get 7 stitches in my nose because of the bite (they put a needle straight into my nose to numb it before they stitched.... never had pain like THAT haha)

    my dad flipped a shit and got a lawyer and we sued the fucker and after like 4 years of trials and negotatians we settle for 32,000$... lawyer gets half and we had to pay like 3 grand in court fees so overall i get 13,000$ over the next 3 years... (my dad sued on the fact that i had trauma and facial disfiguration, i have to literally show people the scar when i tell them about it cause no one notices it.... so yeah on my birthday i get a check thats like 2,890$ to be exact :) haha

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