mom blames herself for my depression...pls help

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    for about as long as i can remember i've always been somewhat depressed for different reason, or for no reason at all. but everytime my mom see's signs of my depression or if i ask for help she ends up blaming herself for my depression and gets depressed herself. i've learned to hide my depression from her as best i can, which results in my problems continuing and also getting worse. i know the only way to fix my depression is to let someone know that can help me..i'd go to a therapist but i don't have the money for that type of thing. i have no one else to go to...i have no girl(fucked that one up myself, regret goes along with that), i can't talk to my friends (i'm 20...none of my friends are the serious type, and i don't feel like letting them in on my personal issues)
    i literally have no one to get advice from except the internet. without you i'd be fucked

    i don't expect some miracle advice, nor any advice....i just wanted to tell someone

    maybe i'm just looking for someone to relate to...

    edit: can't/ won't talk to my family either...they're all a bunch of religious hypocrites who like to talk about other family members behind their backs.
  2. i feel you bro. ive been depressed pretty much my whole life too. and its only getting worse as im at the age where i need to start figuring out my life. especially since the only thing i see myself doing that will make me happy is growing to sell to dispensaries but i dont live in an MMJ state and im broke. also nothing ever goes right for me... ever. its like im cursed or something...

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