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MOm basically knows...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shabab, May 19, 2010.

  1. So my regular attitude is much different then my high attitude, and she has seen my eyes red a few times, and I've been sleeping much more.

    Today she comes home, sees me, and asks if I've "been doing anything I shouldn't be doing" after seeing my eyes.

    She is a goody goody. I casually brought up crime and stuff kinda and she wouldn't break the law even if there was a big reward.

    Now, wise ones, what do I do? Keep lying or bring it up? If the latter, how?

    I'm going to get the union obviously if I choose to bring it up.
  2. I suggest you show the union FIRST, and then for a few days talk about how marijuana isnt as bad as society thinks and tell her some true facts. AFTER that tell her you smoke, but are responsible about it and you told her because you would like to be honest with her and have a good relationship with her.

    Probably would work :D Thats what i did
  3. Just watch the union online...
    The Union

    Also, your parents might be different, but when my parents found out, they weren't really upset. They found a pipe, and asked me, and I quote, "are you smoking crack?!". I found this hilarious and started laughing, and reassured them I only use weed, and they were okay with that. Not that they had a choice but to be okay with it, since they both used to smoke when they were younger.
  4. Think about wat her reaction is going to be....

    I say you tell her when you feel is the right time. Do you think she's going to kick you or something if she finds out?

    I think you should also find out how she feels about marihuana....because if she's does kind of ppl that think is the worst and it should never be legal well then maybe you should think in how she's going to react

    ...your choice :)
  5. thats cool dude... my mom knows I smoke too... but i'm 25 and have my own house. Respect your parents wishes while under there roof.
  6. my parents thought it was worse than herion.
    they wanted to send me to rehab.
    but some parents are chill so just ease into it:D
  7. Just my two cents but I don't think an hour long video made by pro-marijuana activists is going to change her opinion at all on the subject. Not only that, but showing it to her will definetly lead her to believing you smoke. Just tell her its your way of relaxing, and you prefer it over drinking, that you won't be doing any other drugs, and that smoking hasn't had a negative impact on your grades or life in general.
  8. #8 Samanthamudgirl, May 19, 2010
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    Exactly! Now think about it -Did your mom go to college? If so don't show her the union until she's ok with weed. Why? Because she was taught to weigh information out, look for bias, look for facts and she'll know a fact when she sees one. Show her studies, but not until you are ready for the whole deal to be out. She will know you smoke if you are trying to convince her it is good. Try these links for facts especially the last one. Check out the medical marijuana link too.

    Start a word processing document on weed facts and studies to show your mom. Then you can be ready to dazzle her with your info.

    With all that said, I probably wouldn't tell my mom at your age. I am assuming you are young and under her roof. But you know best.

  9. Truth, I wish someone told me that one earlier.
  10. Dude it'll be fine my mom found out when we were on vacation 200 miles away from home. Once we got home i sat her down and watched the union with her. Showed her all medical benefits of marijuana. Now she's okay with me smoking :hello:

  11. i was gonna +rep ya because i couldnt agree more, but i gotta spread it around.

    SO many people here think that showing someone the union will solve all their problems, its quite comical.

    while it does help, anybody who is set in there ways will just see it as some stoner ranting about why its not bad. :smoke:
  12. In my case my mother is a cigarette smoker. Ask your mother who will die first from their drug of choice.

    If that doesnt work, well.. thats what you get for making a safer choice, clearly you should be out boozing it up.
  13. be respectful to your parents. always works. unless they are complete brainwashed assholes.
  14. No reason to lie to her, unless you have super strict bible worshipping, 1930's uber christians as parents :D, but if so you blow smoke in their face and tell them to grow the fuck up!
  15. The easy solution to this would be to get some visine or stop getting high when you have to be around her.

    If you want to know her opinion on marijuana without implicating yourself, bring up the subject in some other context. For example, you could make a casual reference comparing it to alcohol next time she has something to drink. Or you could say how someone you know does something funny when they are high. Another one is to mention it in a political sense since it has become a relevant political issue. There are many ways to do this.

    Or you could just tell her the truth. But this is riskier. My parents know I smoke and they tolerate it. They don't condone it but I don't hide it and they don't make it a problem. I also get good grades and have my priorities straight. If your life is in order and you feel like she isn't completely opposed to it, telling the truth might be your best option.
  16. this is gonna sound stupid but when your sober act like your kind of out of it and high and eventually your parents will just think thats how you naturally are.

  17. Aww you beat me too it.. was just about to post the link. Oh well. It's a good thing to tell your parents, it's not something you should keep from them.
  18. I used to toke WITH my mom and her now husband. :p You need to tell her basically, she knows.

    As such, I've floated in and out of deciding to quit, and I really just don't see a problem with buying a bag once in a while.
  19. so just watched the union video... nice

    did the 20 train car grow op give anyone else a raging boner?

    also 45:00 in dude is high

    and 48:00 in the woman of my dreams

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