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Molten Lava

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by smokemanybowls, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Last night i had some of my friends weed it was SUPER DANK probably the best ive ever had so sticky we could stick it on each other and see the THC on our hands after picking it up it smelled so great. Has anyone else heard of this particular strain molten lava or hot lava?


    Body: pretty intense 8-9/10
    Mind: some serious closed and open eye in darkness visuals 10/10
    Overall: just a great high off of 2 and a half bowls 9.5/10

    sorry for the lack of pics there wasnt that much and it was too dark out
  2. Cool story bro
  3. Has anyone heard of this strain before i looked it up on google and still have found nothing?
  4. I doubt it's a legit strain.
    your dealer probably gave it a cool name so he could jack up the price.
    Or he just didn't know the strain.
  5. Doesn't sound like a legit strain. And I pay for weed, not a strain name. All good weed is good weed. As long as I can see lots of crystals and has no seeds, then im good.
  6. nope, doesn't exist. they barely even tried to think of a good fake name
  7. I see it as this, yes dealers make shit up, unless you got the weed straight from a grower the name is most likely made up, unless you know your guy is reliable. I know a grower or two that used bag seed before and grow strains from seeds off the internet. Basically its a bs name if you get it from a random dealer, but that doesnt mean people should knock the strains that people know they've gotten legit.
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  8. i didnt buy the weed i just smoked it and it was super dank so i have no complaints all i know if its a new strain its got some potential
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  9. Can verify Hot Lava's a thing. Got it here at dispensaries in Cali. Prolific Coast sells seeds for the strain and says it comes from a numbered house hybrid and one of their other house strains.
  10. Molten lava is also a legit strain.... I’m growing it right now! The breeder of this strain is Compound Genetics.
  11. I see a few other members are saying this is a Cali specific strain - Possibly a cross from lava cake? Lava cake is pretty good.
  12. Lava cake x jet fuel gelato
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  13. This is a “Real Strain”. I’ve got Molton Lava now and yes, some dealers will cheat a little and call it lava cake from the girl-scout cookie family. It’s amazing. Both ML and Lava Cake. Diffferent but really hard IMO to tell a major difference.

    let’s see if we can post our all-time favorite strains so we will have a list of desirable strains we can try to grt in the future. In my area we tend to get a new strain. Out every 2 weeks or so from what I am told. Each strain is a unique and favorable one. Always something to look forward to. And, the ML I have right now is from a second request my many to acquire the ML again. So I was able to have this about a month ago, a perfect strain came after that. Then ML popped back into the scene.

    let’s post our favorite strains::
    For me,
    1st Perma Dream (hands down best for me)
    2nd Kings Kush. Really awesome

  14. sorry. I had to go so just posted what I wrote. try Perma Dream if possible. I mean I’ve seen a single bud weigh in at 6.2g. Took pic and trying to figure out a way to have this always on hand. Wow. Just one toke by two people I know and they belly laughed for 2-3 hours and NEVER took a 2nd toke. You do feel differently when two people are together on this one due to the extreme belly laughs that it’s hard to get when or if you’re alone. Anyway, Perma dream with a friend and you’ll feel like I do I bet. Thx and good luck. Follow laws and enjoy. Especially for those of you out there who benefit from Cannabis medically. I know pain and joint pain. Shoulder back. Everywhere. Sister has fibromyalgia and a friend of mine is old and disabled. After being in the opiate national crisis, he switched to a different medication that doesn’t work as well for pain and has looked me in the face after trying to get his pain under control for 2-3 years since they stopped giving opiates. He looked right at me and said he feels NO PAIN AT ALL!! Then started joking with me about how he saw some kid in the hallway, yes like a spirit ghost or something. I believed him cause he’s old man!! But a few days later he said it was all BS. But those belly laugh times are awesome and thanks to Perma dream for the biggest belly laugh and memories I may ever have with this older man. I know he’s been in pain and depression for years and now I’ve seen him laugh hysterically and admit to no pain. So while it may disrupt his thought processes a “little” he is without pain 4-6 hours after just a small amount. You can guess my opinion on medical weed or people they really need a break from depression pain anxiety etc.
    everyone be good and careful
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  15. Wrong it Totally Exists, an yes it's Fire !!
  16. Here it is, its a cross with Jet fuel!!

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  18. 100 %,Correct

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