Molotov cocktail thrown at MT dispensary

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    HELENA, Mont. (AP) - Someone threw a Molotov cocktail through the window of a Billings medical marijuana business early Monday and "NOT IN OUR TOWN" was spray-painted on its storefront, the second such act in as many days, authorities said.
    The attempted arsons come as the Billings City Council is scheduled to vote Monday night on whether to place a moratorium on medical marijuana businesses operating in the city.
    A rock was used to break the glass of Montana Therapeutics at 4:30 a.m. Monday, and a beer bottle filled with gasoline was lit and thrown inside, Billings police Sgt. Kevin Iffland said. A passer-by reported the fire.
    Fire crews quickly put out the small blaze, Deputy Fire Marshal Trevor Schilling said.
    A day earlier, at 5:01 a.m., somebody poured flammable liquid over a rock, lit it on fire and threw it through a window of a different medical marijuana business, Iffland said. The same message, "NOT IN OUR TOWN," was spray-painted on the front of that business, he said.
    Nobody was injured in either instance.
    Billings has issued more than 80 businesses licenses for medical marijuana stores.
    Police don't have any suspects, Iffland said. Detectives were investigating whether the acts were done by opponents of medical marijuana businesses ahead of the council's vote or by rivals of the businesses.
    "It's kind of been in the forefront of discussion of things," Iffland said.

    Firebomb thrown at marijuana business in Montana | | KVUE News national | U.S. headlines
  2. Its funny that a business thats bringing money to the city and taking up an empty store front gets vandalized. This just shows how scared the people are of the truth about marijuana
  3. using violence to protest marijuana. this person is an idiot:rolleyes:
  4. I think it is a better statement about the skewed priorities and lack of critical thinking skills of the locals.
  5. so... where did this take place, montana or colorado
  6. Hahaha yea, burn up the place so they can hit up all that insurance money, thats gonna get rid of them
  7. Whoever did that needs to take a puff or two :(
  8. I just logged in to post that story but you beat me to the punch. It happened in Montana tho. It was 2 businesses over the period of a couple days. Now the state is considering a moratorium on medical marijuana businesses. How's that for caving in to terrorism? it's fucking bullshit! - Firebomb thrown at marijuana business in Montana

  9. well it makes a little more sense cos its from montana.. nah jk but this story blows what a jerk! and yeah what a retard protesting marijuana with violence xD this type of fearmongering just makes us stronger
  10. Notice there are no suspects. :rolleyes:
  11. Yeah I meant Montana.
  12. maybe the guy is trying to collect insurance, he may have done this to himself

  13. i sure he was making plenty of money selling pot, i doubt he needed to burn the place down to make a profit:p
  14. Un-fucking-believable. Actually, very believable considering the level of ignorance in this country. "Yeah, keep that evil devil's weed out of our town, all it does is cause violence and evil perpetuated by those damn drug users! Now light the molotov!" Fucking asshole.
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  16. a whole store full of weed on fire? the whole town must of got high
  17. Why doesn't this kind of stuff happen at liquor stores...?

  18. exactly. What the fuck is wrong with people?:mad:
  19. cuz marijuana causes voilence, obviously.:rolleyes:

  20. Oh yeah, I forgot.

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